Zeekr 001

The new luxury SUV

272 HP

140 kWh

272 HP

140 kWh

272 HP

140 kWh

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Zeekr 001




140 kWh


1032 km


272 HP


14.9 kWh / 100 km


%10-80: 28 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • 2023 Zeekr 001 is one of the longest range electric vehicles launched. It is designed as a large hatchback by Geely.
  • The new Zeekr 001 comes with a humongous 140-kWh battery pack supplied by world’s #1 battery maker CATL.
  • Electric hatchback can go up to 1,032 kilometers when fully charged.

Body color

Light control orange, polar blue, electric blue, polar night black, laser gray, white day.

Panoramic space cockpit

Equipped with Saint-Gobain 1.889m2 panoramic front windshield, which is integrated with the sunroof
A large piece of glass from the front to the roof of the car, forming a large field of vision, a new driving experience, full of technology

0.23 Ultra-low wind resistance coefficient

Excellent aerodynamic design, derived from 1000+ times of simulation optimization, optimize the design of 11 wind resistance of the whole car, improve endurance performance and effectively reduce wind noise.

4 door induction rimless automatic door

4 Door rimless design with radar sensing obstacle avoidance 1 Each automatic opening/closing is more ceremonial.

Traveler Magic back car

The maximum space can be extended to 2. The cover plate of the backup car can be separated and removed flexibly, and the free space can be arranged as desired.

Superior comfort interior

Monaco Mpa full grain top layer leather seat, Microfiber microfiber fleece ceiling, Alcantara fur turning technology, and every line of exquisite stitching, so that extraordinary style reflected in every detail.

Monaco NAPPA Full grain head leather seats

It is manufactured by 66 advanced tannery processes, and its softness and comfort are 30% more than NAPPA leather. It adopts industry-leading stain-resistant technology, durable, wear-resistant and easy to take care of.

Alcantara Fur turning Craft

Unique manufacturing process, with strong wear resistance and flame retardant, feel soft, full color, fully show the cabin luxury quality sense.

Microfiber velvet ceiling

Plant non – fabric velvet fabric, environmental protection, health, no pollution, no odor, but also take into account the advantages of wear-resistant not easy to fade, delicate and soft, enjoy smooth.

District intelligent constant temperature air conditioning and intelligent fragrance system

Passengers in each zone can enjoy a sense of comfort. Equipped with AO air quality detection and control system, to create a safe breathing clean cabin.

Three kinds of fragrance at your choice. Both soothing and relaxing, but also energetic and passionate. With a richer sensory experience, to start a pleasant journey.

Dynamic multi-color surround ambient light

The front and back seats can be independently adjusted color and brightness. It can not only cooperate with the music rhythm to create a rhythmic effect, but also create different color atmosphere according to the driving mode to create an immersive light and shadow space.

YAMAHA surround stereo advanced audio

11 high-fidelity speakers and a subwoofer, the car is equipped with leading HD audio technology, the full link 48kHz/24bit to remove SRC noise interference, bringing an unprecedented hall of fame auditory feast.

Miles of endurance suit

Zeekr 001

140kWh Kirin Battery

The world’s leading multi-functional elastic sandwich and large area cooling technology of the battery cell, endurance, safety, battery life, charging efficiency four effects in one.

Zeekr 001

Rear motor containing silicon carbide technology

Improve the efficiency of the electric drive system, and bring the maximum driving range of 38km CLTC under comprehensive conditions.

New - Daikrypton smart cockpit

Based on the powerful computing power of 8155 intelligent cockpit computing platform, equipped with a new foresight interaction system, subverting human-computer interaction experience.

15.4-inch suspension center touch display

Center control hover screen tilts to driver tilt 4. , can not only reduce screen reflection, but also facilitate the driver’s convenient operation, information read at a glance, so that travel safer.

14.7 inch aircraft cabin head-up display system

It can display navigation information clearly and intuitively. At the same time, it can adjust the light, shade and position, making driving safer under different road conditions.

8.8-inch HD captain instrument

The screen design classifies important information in an orderly manner, enabling quick access to key information and easier driving.

5.7-inch rear passenger multifunctional touch screen

Synchronously realize temperature adjustment, seat adjustment, ceiling adjustment, reading light adjustment, music switching and other functions.

EC light sensitive canopy

Using EC solid electrochromic glass technology, the canopy can be from transparent color to extremely dark color, effectively blocking heat entry, maintain a comfortable environment, while UV blocking rate is more than 99%.

Full scene OTA

The vehicle supports chassis domain, intelligent driving domain, cockpit domain, body domain and other four areas of the whole scene upgrade, always keep the latest state, continue to bring you travel surprise.


Krypton energy, anytime, anywhere for life

Improve users’ charging experience in all scenarios


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