Weltmeister E.5

Long endurance large space intelligent pure electric car.

Ergonomic seats

Abundant storage space

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Weltmeister W6

Weltmeister E.5




83 kWh


620 km


218 HP


13.4 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 40 minutes

Highlighted Features

AQS outside air quality monitoring system, PM2.5 active monitoring system, CN95 micron air filtration system, negative ion air purification system, UVC induction cabin cleaning function, the five-fold guard provides a comprehensive peace of mind driving experience.

"Four wheels and four corners" golden ratio

Ergonomic seats Of Weltmeister E.5

Premium leather seats support six-way adjustment of the main driver seat and heating of the front seat.

Abundant storage space Of Weltmeister E.5

14 storage Spaces inside the car

Dimension Trunk volume up to 425L

Abundant storage space

14 storage Spaces inside the car

Dimension Trunk volume up to 425L

NEDC 505KM ultra long range

Intelligent cockpit platform

12.3-inch dual screen interaction

Mobile APP remote interaction

Intelligent driving platform

Intelligent driving platform Living Pilot 3.5 Base

Equipped with ACC full-speed adaptive cruise function, it can automatically adjust the driving speed and realize the braking after the car, making driving easier and safer.

Intelligent security

Multi-effect battery safety guarantee

Safe driving assistance

Multiple safety driving assistance functions such as FCW front collision warning and AEB automatic emergency braking are used to warn of dangers and reduce the probability of accidents.

All new Weltmeister E.5


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