Maximum speed


Range of CLTC under comprehensive conditions (km)

Ternary lithium-ion power battery

Power cell type

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Volkswagen ID.6 X




77 kWh


588 km


306 HP


13.1 kWh / 100 km


%5-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • The Volkswagen ID.6 X electric vehicle is equipped with IQ. Light LED matrix intelligent headlights.
  • In order to optimize the wind resistance coefficient as much as possible, the ID.6 X adopts the typical round and smooth body layout of pure electric vehicles.
  • In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of ID.6 X are 4876/1848/1680mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2965mm. It can also have a wheelbase of nearly 3 meters.
  • The Volkswagen ID6 X electric vehicle features an IQ.Drive L2 driver assistance system, ACC adaptive cruise control, and lane keeping system.

Future Design Aesthetics of 'Light Language Rhythm'

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Light And Shadow Contour Modeling Posture

Light follows like a shadow. The floating light folding surface body contour, the wavy hyperboloid bonnet and the arc light streamline suspension roof make the body present the visual effect of light and shadow interlacing, dynamic and elegant

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Dazzling Starry Sky Front Face

Starry sky, don’t look up. Continuing the unique futuristic front face of the ID. family style, the starry grille design is combined with a continuous lighting effect, shining brightly and exuding charm

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Light Plastic Three-Dimensional Rear End

The overall design of the tail echoes the front face, with clear layers and full three-dimensional appearance; Paired with IQ Light Eye Matrix LED Through Parallel Streaming Tail Light, Looking Back at the Shadow, It’s also a Beautiful View

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Personalized Color Pack

Personalized color scheme, showcasing oneself. Three style themes: “Stylism”, “Frontline Advocacy”, and “Modern Party”, defining exclusive cars

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Welcome Awakening Light Effect

Approaching the vehicle, the rhythmic light effect automatically lights up, casting a warm gaze, eagerly anticipating the return of the whole family

Departure Sleep Light Effect

Every time you leave the car and lock it, you can’t miss the sleep light effect. A brief separation with a warm sense of ceremony

Volkswagen ID.6 X

The "Light Language Interaction" Humanistic Digital Space

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Flexible Layout In Large Space

Space is your the final say. Leading in class interior space, flexible layout, with 7-seater and 6-seater options available

Light Sprite

Intelligent voice initiates a conversation between people and vehicles, transmitting information through sound and light, making driving more futuristic and technological atmosphere

Volkswagen ID.6 X
Volkswagen ID.6 X

Driving A Multi Screen Digital Cockpit

12 inch central control large screen, i-ID information combination instrument, augmented reality head up display, and linkage with mobile phone apps to achieve multi screen interaction, clear information, and convenient operation

Full View Landscape Canopy

Let the horizon be boundless. 1408mm × 844mm super large transparent glass canopy, bringing you a vast visual experience

Volkswagen ID.6 X
Volkswagen ID.6 X

Digital rhythm pedal

Driving also requires a sense of rhythm. The brake pedal is marked with a pause icon, and the accelerator pedal is marked with a play icon to add driving fun

Enjoy Free Storage Space

Personal belongings, take your place. The layout of storage space, using ergonomics to understand personal habits, making personal items within reach

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Convenient travel assistant for 'Zhilian Connectivity'

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Parking Butler

When the vehicle needs to stop, actively identify nearby parking spaces and automatically shift, control speed, brake, and stop; When the system recognizes the recorded driving route, it will take over the parking operation and guide the vehicle to the target location. Truly liberate your hands and enjoy the freedom of parking

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Smart Car Connect: Smart Select Charging

The battery level is always in mind. Smart watches and mobile phones control charging information in real-time, and the SAIC Volkswagen Super App supports convenient payment at 90% charging stations

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Smart Car Connect: Smart Navigation

Say goodbye to mobile navigation, which helps you avoid traffic congestion, predicts your travel needs, and notifies you of traffic congestion risks in advance

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Smart Car Connect: Smart Entertainment

The Android app store on the car and mobile end allows for one click download of practical apps such as Feichangzhun, and the app store continues to expand, with apps such as long videos and stocks being launched online

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Smart Car Connect: Smart Car Control

Distance does not mean separation. Remote car search, air conditioning control, and other functions can be achieved using a mobile phone or Apple Watch

Efficient And Reliable Intelligent Pure Electric Driving Control

Volkswagen ID.6 X

338 Brand Standard Battery Safety Verifications

The safety verification far exceeds the national standard by over 200 items, and 338 Volkswagen brand verification standards such as temperature shock, chemical corrosion, and extreme collision ensure battery safety. A good battery that can withstand repeated tests

360 ° Battery Packaging A

The all-round arrangement of hot-formed steel beams and 120 flight laser welded bottom protective plates can reduce damage to the battery and protect driving safety under multi-directional impacts

Volkswagen ID.6 X
Volkswagen ID.6 X

ID.6 X Strong Durable and Efficient Electric Drive

Adopting a common shell solution integration, it provides excellent silent experience while ensuring strong stability and power efficiency, ensuring long-term high-performance operation of the motor and still ensuring durability and safety

Extreme Charge

Take some time and don’t waste your time using the car. Charging takes 10 minutes to drive about 100km, from 30% to 80% battery in just 30 minutes, making the efficient charging journey worry free

Volkswagen ID.6 X
Volkswagen ID.6 X

Intuitive Intelligent Electronic Control System

Comprehensive monitoring of battery information and real-time monitoring of electricity consumption; By visualizing the all-weather itinerary and intuitive system, the battery level is accurately displayed to remind charging

"Strength Inheritance" German Quality Assurance

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Safety Design of Ultra High Strength Vehicle Body

The rigidity of the vehicle body is the primary guarantee of safety. 28.7% hot-formed steel, 77.7% high-strength steel plate, double aluminum threshold reinforcement protection on the side wall, safe and reliable

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Self Repairing Tires

When a steel nail with a diameter of ≤ 5mm is inserted, the black technology adhesive sealing layer quickly wraps around the tire point, ensuring that the tire is not leaking and safe driving is ensured

Volkswagen ID.6 X

All Series 6 Airbags

Soft and hard strength, higher level airbags, real-time monitoring through impact sensors, providing stronger protection for you and your family

Volkswagen ID.6 X

0.2mm Detection Accuracy

Don’t let go of every detail. Strict and precise testing, with an accuracy of up to 0.2 mm, improves the accuracy and reliability of product production and installation

Volkswagen ID.6 X

12 Year Body Anti-Corrosion

Appearance, long-lasting as new. The thickness of the varnish reaches twice that of the same grade, with a production error of ≤ 2 micrometers. The body is corrosion-resistant for up to 12 years, making your car fearless of wind and rain, and the appearance performance continues to be online

Volkswagen ID.6 X

Strict Braking Test

Experienced multiple rigorous tests such as continuous 18 kilometers of downhill road testing under full load, and 20 rounds of repeated braking from 100km/h to 0km/h, far exceeding national standards


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