Wheelbase (mm)


Range of CLTC under comprehensive conditions (km)

Single speed ratio two stage reducer

Transmission type

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Volkswagen ID.4 X




77 kWh


546 km


204 HP


15.7 kWh / 100 km


%5-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • The exterior design maximizes aerodynamic performance, showcasing a stylish, elegant yet powerful style when blown by the wind. 
  • The charming LED headlights and light strips showcase smooth and elegant lines, while also exuding a sense of modernity. 
  • ID.4 X achieves excellent designed functionality. Through aerodynamic design, an air drag coefficient of 0.28cd has been achieved, greatly improving efficiency and range.

Quality Vision

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Penetrating Futuristic Glossy Front Face

ID. Pure electric family style design language, with a simple outline and a continuous lighting effect, full of fashionable and dynamic aesthetics, the lighting effect is as eye-catching as starlight

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Soul Eye Matrix

The tail lights run horizontally through the entire rear of the car, and the light sense logo naturally connects with the through dynamic tail lights. The design is highly recognizable, making every overtaking a back kill

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Light Sprite

The rich lighting effects provide intuitive feedback on various key information, combined with sound effects to bring an immersive interactive experience and activate the dialogue mode between people and vehicles. Intuitive with the human heart, greatly enhancing driving pleasure

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Mood Dazzling Atmosphere Light

30 color personalized DIY light effect, with rich layers and gradient effects, allowing for a variety of styles to be freely transformed, reflecting the sense of cabin layering and easy to play with the atmosphere

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Personalized Color Pack

A variety of cutting-edge theme color schemes combined with unique seat embossing, the interior of the entire vehicle is full of fashion and dynamic temperament, with a distinct appearance and cabin style, showcasing personal individuality

Quality Technology

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Parking Butler

When the vehicle needs to stop, actively identify nearby parking spaces and automatically shift, control speed, brake, and stop; When the system recognizes the recorded driving route, it will take over the parking operation and guide the vehicle to the target location. Truly liberate your hands and enjoy the freedom of parking

Intelligent Navigation

Project driving and road navigation information onto the front windshield and visually integrate it with the road ahead. Driving information on the road, with panoramic views of the road conditions and scenery

Volkswagen ID.4 X
Volkswagen ID.4 X

Smart Driving Butler

One click start for driving assistance, with comprehensive safety assistance such as traffic sign recognition; Driving with peace of mind and effort, escorting you all the way

Smart Car Connect

Intelligent configuration integration such as smart charging, smart navigation, smart entertainment, smart connected car control, and smart fun travel. The sense of technology instantly fills up, and the fun index explodes More diverse applications such as Meituan, iQiyi, Singing Bar, and YunTing continue to be updated

Volkswagen ID.4 X
Volkswagen ID.4 X

360 Panoramic View

From within the car, you can view the entire vehicle’s location and surrounding obstacles, calmly park and enter the vehicle or cross narrow roads, providing you with 360 degree comprehensive care and all-round peace of mind care

Quality Ride

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Anti Collision Fully Flat Chassis

Provide anti-collision and full flat protection for batteries loaded on the chassis, protect battery safety, reduce safety hazards when driving, and enhance safety in all aspects

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Full View Glass Ceiling

The super large transparent glass ceiling is made of a whole piece of glass, with a large light transmission area, providing you with a vast visual experience, and you can enjoy the sky when looking up

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Heating Massage Comfort Set

Luxury pneumatic massage heated seats paired with a heated steering wheel, humanized and warm care, providing you with a comfortable riding experience and accompanying you through every cold winter

Volkswagen ID.4 X

21 Inch Dual Color Spiral Wheel Hub With Self Repairing Tires

21 inch powerful grip wheels, combined with black technology self repairing tires, automatically wrap small foreign objects to avoid tire leaks, giving you a safe driving experience

Volkswagen ID.4 X

CLTC comprehensive operating range 607KM

CLTC standard driving range can reach up to 607KM, with intelligent charging reminders to bid farewell to mileage anxiety and plan travel with peace of mind

Quality And Safety

Volkswagen ID.4 X

Excellent results in collision testing conducted by China Insurance Research Institute

The 2021 China Insurance Automobile Safety Index Crash Test “Crash Resistance and Maintenance Economy Index”, “Safety Index for Members in the Car”, “Safety Index for Pedestrians Outside the Car”, and “Auxiliary Safety Index for Vehicles” are all excellent, and the tests are in place, ensuring safety at home

Safety Design Of Hard Core Battery Pack

The bottom protective plate supported by 120 flight laser welding, combined with a fully arranged thermally formed steel beam, prevents damage to the battery caused by multi-directional impact, making your battery pack impeccable

Volkswagen ID.4 X
Volkswagen ID.4 X

338 Brand Standard Battery Safety Certifications

Hard core safety verification has undergone 338 battery safety testing projects, including temperature shock, chemical corrosion, and extreme collision, covering 6 major testing categories to ensure vehicle safety

German Quality Process

Highly automated assembly, automatic measurement technology installation process, and long-lasting aesthetic painting process greatly improve quality stability, rigor and efficiency, and serve people with “morality”

Volkswagen ID.4 X
Volkswagen ID.4 X

Severe Braking Test

After undergoing various rigorous tests, such as continuously downhill for 18 kilometers under full load, and repeated braking tests such as accelerating from 0 km/h to 100 km/h and then decelerating to 0 km/h, the system still maintains efficient performance. Activate the quality and safety learning mode to protect every journey


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