Volkswagen ID.3


Nedc Comprehensive Operating Range


Maximum Speed


Electric Energy Consumption Under Nedc Comprehensive Condition

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Volkswagen ID.3




77 kWh


546 km


204 HP


15.7 kWh / 100 km


%5-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • 2023 Volkswagen ID.3 revamped with a new nose job, new headlights/taillights.
  • Fully electric hatchback comes with two battery pack options: 58-kWh with 426 km range, and 77-kWh with 546 km range.
  • 2023 ID.3 supports 170 kW DC charging. It takes half an hour to charge the battery from 5 to 80 percent.
  • 2023 Volkswagen ID.3 pricing will be similiar to current model year in Europe.
  • Volkswagen manufactures the new ID.3 at its Zwickau, Dresden, and Wolfsburg production plants in Germany.

Tidal Design


Rhythmic Appearance Of Tidal Sensation

Unique Future Sense Plated Front Face, Showing Three-Dimensional Light And Shadow Outline In The Dynamic And Tide Interest, Eyes Locked, One Eye Fascinated


Personality Color Matching Interior Package

A Variety Of Avant-Garde Color Matching Styles Combined With Unique Seat Embossed, Personalized Color Optional, Your Cabin You Decide


Rhythmic Lattice Design

The Unique Design Of The Pattern Has Its Own Rhythm In The Rhythm Of Dots


Kyauk Moon Venus Skin

Break Through The Traditional Interior Appearance Design, Porcelain White And Bronze Bold Match, Independent Style Of Different


Sensual Radiance Ambience Lamp

The Color Of The Atmosphere Lamp Changes According To One’S Heart, Bringing Multi-Layer Sensory Immersion Experience, And The Atmosphere Of The Vehicle Is Full

Wise Technology


Parking Steward

When The Vehicle Needs To Stop, It Can Actively Identify Nearby Parking Spaces And Automatically Shift, Control Speed, Brake And Stop; When The System Recognizes The Recorded Route, It Takes Over The Parking Operation And Guides The Vehicle To The Target Location. Truly Free Hands, Enjoy Parking Freedom

Intelligent Guidance

Driving Information Into The Real Scene, Intelligent Adaptation To Various Road Conditions. Science Fiction Movies Into Reality, Turning The Road Into Your Fun “Game.”


Smart Car Link

Smart Charging, Smart Navigation, Smart Entertainment, Smart Car Control, Smart Fun Travel… .Gives You Remote Operation “Superpowers”. The Car Can Also Be Controlled By Voice

Smart Driver

Travel Assist 2.0 Driver Assistance, Acc Adaptive Cruise, Lane Assist Lane Keeping And More.


Driving Experience


Dynamic Rear Drive System

The Front And Rear Wheels Do Their Jobs, Bringing Better Acceleration And Handling. The Car Becomes A Beloved “Toy”, The Direction Is In Control, Driving Pleasure Immediately Take Off


Spacious Driving Space

In The Car Or In The Car. Meb Platform Specially Designed Long Wheelbase And Short Front And Rear Suspension Design, To Achieve Leapfrog Space


Smart Corner System

Smaller Turning Radius, Better Steering. Over The Bend Master Gently Turn, Flexible Control, Direction As You Like


0-50km/H, Start In 3 Seconds

0-50km/H Acceleration Only Takes 3 Seconds, Win At The Start, Show Your Speed And Passion


20 Inch Phantom Hot Wheels

Strong Grip Wheel Hub, Plus Black Technology Self-Repair Tires, Driving To Be Stable, Tires To Be Ruthless

German Quality


338 Brand Standard Battery Safety Verification

Safety Verification Is Far More Than 200 National Standards, Temperature Impact, Chemical Corrosion, Extreme Collision And Other 338 Public Brand Verification Standards To Ensure Battery Safety. A Good Battery Can Stand Repeated Tests

360° Battery Pack Armour

120 Flight Laser Welding Plus Aluminum Bottom Guard Plate, A “Armor”, Firm And Reliable


Long - Lasting And Reliable Installation Process

Security, From The Installation. All-Glass Roof Installation, Robot Automatic Tightening Process, Automatic Instrument Panel Installation, Front And Rear Axle Automatic Installation, The First Fully Automatic Assembly Platform Makes Vehicle Assembly More Standardized, Greatly Improving Quality And Stability

High Stringent Vehicle Durability Verification

More Than One Million Kilometers Of Road Durability Test, Strict Assessment Of Vehicle Reliability, Vehicle Longevity Quality Excellent


The "Sauna Room" Removes The Smell

Experience The Highest 80 Degrees Of High Temperature Test, The Air Inside The Car Anytime And Anywhere To Keep Healthy And Fresh


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