Voyah Free

Performance class intelligent electric SUV.

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Voyah Free




106 kWh


631 km


490 HP


18.3 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 45 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • 2022 Voyah FREE EV is a premium electric SUV built by Dongfeng. The new version of the vehicle revamped with a much bigger battery pack.
  • It has a 106-kWh battery, which gives FREE EV a CLTC range of 631 kilometers.
  • Voyah equips FREE EV with a dual motor drivetrain that can produce 490 HP and 720 Nm of torque.
  • 2022 Voyah FREE EV costs around $56,000/or 393,600 CNY in China.
  • Voyah FREE EV is being produced by the brand’s Chinese owner Dongfeng Motor.

Standard edition

Increased 333600 yuan cheng version up | pure electric edition of 373600 yuan

Extra long endurance version

Extended range version 333,600 yuan pure electric version 393,600 yuan


The extended range edition 379900 yuan | pure electric edition 419900 yuan

Spread one's wings and sway all rivers

Family wing spread through the day running lights, showing the perfect outline of the wide car body; Through the lamp upward arrow design perfect interpretation. The attitude of the mouse-peng surging upward when all rivers concussion; Wings stand tall and spread like clouds hanging from the sky.

When the wings are down, they will return to the sky

When the bird flaps its wings, it causes changes in the air pressure up and down, so it can fly suspended in the air, like the mountain calm when the airplane wings fall back

Smooth wings and bright skies

After the heavy rain, the air is fresh and the vision is clear; In the sky, there are rainbow lights, linking the two sides of the valley, infecting the whole sky.

A feather of hope

The roc rises with the wind one day, soaring up to ninety thousand miles, from Zhuangzi – “Free and easy travel”, describing the scene of a soaring sky; As Kunpeng’s wings and feathers spread naturally, the lights soar into the sky and soar above the clouds, showing a positive attitude.

100mm Comfort adjustable air suspension

Front double fork arm + rear multi link + all aluminum alloy sports single suspension.

Intelligent dimmable panoramic canopy

Ten-level transmittance is adjustable for 99.9% UV protection

Pantheon Danner

High fidelity HiFi sound quality.

First class sleeping seat comfort

Electric regulation heating/ventilation/massage.

Panchromatic tone mood lamp

Non-polar color change switch at will.

Yacht-style enveloping cabin

Dark interior.

Yacht-style enveloping cabin

Red rice interior.

Yacht-style enveloping cabin

Blue brown interior.

Yacht-style enveloping cabin

Rice brown interior.

Voyah Free

Visual fusion full scene automatic parking

Horizontal/vertical/oblique train 45°/60°/ ramp/head berth.

Voyah Free

NVS intelligent active night vision system

Al automatically recognizes pedestrians and vehicles with a visual distance of up to 150m to provide real-time warning of potential risks.

Voyah Free

360° panoramic image + transparent chassis

Real-time display of vehicle chassis blind areas, improve the safety of traffic under special road conditions.

Unique intelligent cabin four modes

A sense of ritual and humanized driving experience.

V-Moment Prestigious Moment

When approaching the vehicle, the perforating wing light group automatically opens

Hide door handle eject/chassis drop

One piece triple screen up/atmosphere light on

FACE ID recognizes driver/seat and rearview mirror associated adjustments

V-Performance High-energy mode

Triple screen down

The system interface turns minimalist/the atmosphere light turns red

A sporty scent permeates the air

Air suspension adaptive low

V-Attention arousal pattern

Fatigue guard 6 class reminders

Sound and image indicator lights shine

Fragrance air conditioning service area navigation

V-Care mode

Intelligent reminder car children left

Remind children to lock up when they get on the bus

Open the care function to adjust the air volume, atmosphere light and window when sleeping

Customized children’s audio and video resources, good time in the car record
Voyah Free

Zhongqi Center power battery safety inspection

After wading the bottom of the collision, no smoke, no fire, no explosion, no water.

Voyah Free

Cloud BMS battery management system

Lantu exclusive remote power battery data analysis and management technology, the whole life cycle more effective security protection.

Voyah Free

PACK five layers of security protection

Customized development of five battery safety structure design.

Voyah Free

Exclusive three dimensional insulation wall technology

First amber and mica battery safety system.


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