Toyota bz4x

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Toyota bz4x




72.8 kWh


470 km


217 HP


15.5 kWh / 100 km


%10-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Toyota bZ4X is the first electric SUV that Japanese automaker developed as an EV from the beginning.
  • bZ4X uses a EV-dedicated platform which is very helpful for lowering energy consumption figures and creating a roomy interior.
  • bZ4X comes with two different steering wheel; one with the normal shape and the other with yoke steering like Tesla Model S Plaid.
  • The electric SUV will be launched worldwide in mid-2022.
  • Toyota will start producing bZ4X electric SUV in Spring 2022.

GAC Toyota's first e-TNGA pure electric mid-size SUV

Toyota bz4x

20-inch aluminum alloy wheels (cutting)

Toyota bz4x

Multi-eye LED headlights (integrated high and low beam)

Hammer-shaped shark-style front face

Toyota bz4x

Intelligent Cockpit

Toyota bz4x

Interior View

Toyota bz4x

Multimedia navigation system

Interior Design

Toyota bz4x

Fabric dashboard

Toyota bz4x

Knob-type electronic gearshift

Toyota bz4x

Intelligent wireless charging system

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Toyota bz4x

Low center of gravity

  • Store thin, high-capacity battery packs flat under the chassis.
  • Adopts an electric drive axle with integrated motor, drive axle, and inverter
  • A power supply assembly that combines charging and power distribution functions into one

High rigidity

  • The main skeleton parts of the body structure are made of hot stamping materials and high strength steel plates.
  • The rigidity of each part, including the battery pack and its surrounding parts, the BEV assembly and radiator mounting parts, and the front and rear suspension surroundings, is improved.

E-Axle Super Drive

Electric drive bridge with integrated motor, drive bridge and inverter, featuring low loss, low noise, miniaturization and light weight With the advantages of low loss, low noise, miniaturization, light weight, high output power, and excellent straight-line stability.

EV Exclusive Suspension System

The suspension system, newly developed from scratch in cooperation with Subaru, seeks to highlight the exclusive electric advantages and showcase the pioneering performance of the EV platform. The front suspension adopts MacPherson suspension and the rear suspension adopts double-wishbone independent suspension, fully utilizing the characteristics of e-TNGA to achieve an outstanding driving experience.

Braking System

Adopts on-demand boost type AHB-G electronically controlled braking system with independent control of front and rear oil pressure and energy recovery braking system, which helps to reduce EV power consumption and extend range; optimizes the balance between braking effect and rigidity, realizing easy to control braking performance with good braking sense (handling, support and response).

High efficiency solar charging dome

Equipped with Toyota’s second-generation solar charging system, the solar roof is used to store energy and supply power to the drive battery and 12V battery system, with an annual power generation capacity of 1,750km for the vehicle.

Toyota bz4x

High retention rate BEV battery

The technologies developed for HEVs slow down battery aging in all aspects, including materials, battery pack construction, and control systems. In order to enable drivers to use the vehicle with peace of mind for a long period of time, we have strengthened the prevention of battery failures and introduced new technologies to ensure peace of mind by adopting a multiple monitoring system that detects failures in a timely manner. A crash-absorbing part is installed under the battery to protect the battery in case of a collision with the road.

Toyota bz4x

Charging system

With two interfaces for normal charging and fast charging, it supports high power fast charger (charging post). Reduced contact resistance at the charging connector junction and large diameter wires are used to suppress heat generation. Unitization, compactness and light weight of surrounding components such as DCDC converter and charging integrated ECU contribute more to excellent range.

Toyota Safety Sense (Toyota Collision Avoidance Assist Package)

Toyota Safety Sense (Toyota Collision Avoidance Assist Package)

8SRS airbag

Toyota bz4x

PVM Panoramic Monitoring System

The panoramic monitor system synthesizes camera images and displays images observed from above the vehicle to assist in low-speed driving. It is easy to operate and can be displayed in conjunction with the PCS Pre-Collision Safety System and PKSB Park Assist Brake function, allowing the driver to be aware of the real-time situation around the vehicle.

Toyota bz4x

RCTA Reverse Side and Rear Blind Spot Alert System

When the vehicle is backing up, it relies on radar to detect whether there is a vehicle approaching from the left and right sides and rear, and can alert the driver’s attention through the indicator light and buzzer on the rearview mirror. When the system detects the danger of collision, it automatically brakes to reduce the impact damage with the approaching vehicle.

Toyota bz4x

BSM merging blind spot monitoring system (with door opening alarm)

The BSM sensor detects vehicles in the blind spot area on the side of the vehicle and alerts the driver via an indicator light in the exterior rearview mirror. It is also equipped with Toyota’s first-ever SEA door mis-opening warning system, which effectively prevents collisions and mitigates injuries between an open door or an exiting occupant and a vehicle approaching from the rear.

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