Skyworth EV6

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Skyworth EV6




71.98 kWh


520 km


204 HP


13.8 kWh / 100 km


%20-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

The 24 storage spaces make life orderly, comfortable and convenient. It is also equipped with the largest panoramic sunroof and intelligent induction power tailgate in its class.

Skyworth Auto Smart Pure Electric SUV

Combining Skyworth technology and nearly 10 years of accumulation in the new energy vehicle industry, it is equipped with L2.5 level automatic driving assistance system and Skylink intelligent network linkage system. Excellent performance, intelligent travel, bringing you a more comfortable and intelligent way of travel, interpreting the new Made in China with quality and strength

Enjoy the space with a big pattern

With the full size of 4720*1908*1696mm and the long wheelbase of 2800mm, the rear row is spacious and comfortable, and the seat mode can be switched at will. 24 storage spaces make life orderly, comfortable and convenient. Also equipped with the largest panoramic sunroof in its class and intelligent induction power tailgate.

Extra large interior space

Rear seats are spacious and comfortable, and seat modes can be switched at will.

The largest panoramic sunroof in its class

Voice intelligent opening, infinite extension space, let you enjoy the picturesque scenery between laughing and talking.

Power Tailgate

Intelligent tailgate induction, multiple opening methods. Visible comfort and convenience, hands are busy again with ease.

All-around healthy and enjoyable cabin

Outside the door is the noise and pomp of the world, but inside the door is the first class health class.

Skyworth EV6

Active Sleep Promotion Technology

Active sleep promotion technology, improve the subhealth state
Intelligent wake-up deep sleep mode, active promotion into deep sleep state, scientific and accurate measurement of deep sleep quality”
Ergonomic space 0 gravity seat, get rid of insomnia, greatly improve the quality of sleep.
Real-time monitoring of vital health indicators (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), always warning, guarding health, 100 years of life.

Skyworth EV6

Super air filtration and purification system

N95 air conditioning filter, negative ion generator, high-temperature cycle sterilization, PM2.5 purification.

SKYLINK Intelligent Networked System Integrates Skyworth Digital Ecology

Intelligent travel makes the car and home “0” distance.

Skyworth EV6

SKYLINK All-in-one car and home intelligent interconnection, intelligent travel anytime, anywhere

Car and home, zero distance; and Skyworth, Midea, Jingdong, Huawei, Ali and other smart home ecological interconnection, Skyworth home appliances AIOT interconnection platform, to create a mobile smart home

Immersive audio-visual entertainment space

Private theater + mobile concert hall, VIP seating at any time. Healthy lunch break mode, support cell phone reservation; 4G free traffic, massive Skyworth audio and video resources, interconnection of the whole ecological massive resources, synchronization of Akiyay, Himalaya, QQ music and other multi-platform content

L2.5 autopilot leads to a new experience of comfortable travel

More than 15 autonomous driving functions, making driving a hassle-free and worry-free experience.


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