ORA Ballet Cat

The 2023 Euler Ballet Cat is on sale
The first 1080° female security architecture 22 warm technology upgrades

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ORA Ballet Cat




155 kWh


500 km


171 HP


460/480 km


%30-80: 45 minutes

Highlighted Features

Up to 5000 yuan discount, including 0 down payment, 0 interest, 0 monthly payment and other financial products
Vehicle 4 years or 150,000 km warranty, the first individual non-operating owner Sanelectric lifetime warranty

ORA Ballet Cat

A car for women only.

For love to renew, spoil polite

Up to 5000 yuan discount, including 0 down payment, 0 interest, 0 monthly payment and other financial products
Vehicle 4 years or 150,000 km warranty, the first individual non-operating owner Sanelectric lifetime warranty
Love ritual
Free charging pile and installation service (within 30 meters of cable)
Free first maintenance
Basic traffic is free for life and entertainment traffic is free for 2 years
Free road rescue during the vehicle warranty period (including rescue without electricity, excluding accident vehicles)
Surprise gift
From 18:00-22:00 every week, select 3 subscribers of the APP in the broadcast room of “Euler Auto Official Flagship Store” on Tmall, and enjoy 10000 Yuan of Shanghai Disney family travel fund for 3 days and 2 nights, which will be deducted when the balance is paid.

Ballet Cat exclusive color

Proprietary designs look better

When the retro cruise in the modern, in the light and shadow daydream, exclusive design is the encounter of time and love.

Elegant and restorative aesthetics

Beautiful arc outline graceful body posture, transfer the beauty of women, through time and space, leading the retro new trend.

LED headlights with blue eyes

Sky blue eyes clear deep, open the moment with water welcome light effect, driving can realize the automatic switch of light near and far.

Streamlined ballet tail

Like a ballet dancer dancing skirt, light and flexible, do the most beautiful yourself.

ORA Ballet Cat

Swan Lake center console

Swan Lake center control armrest, exquisite atmosphere lights, give you a full sense of ceremony, release the resonance of life.

ORA Ballet Cat

Piano key central control function lever

Electroplated metal texture piano keys, from the nimble fingertips, in conversation, to the flowing moonlight music, sending out elegant temperament.

ORA Ballet Cat

Circular arc double screen

Large size circular arc double screen, simple but not simple, show the flower ripple atmosphere.

Exclusive mode is easier to open

Every wisp of wind is a familiar feeling, passing the dream hair, follow the heart, anytime, anywhere elegant travel.

Riding the waves mode

When the field of vision is limited in rainy days, open the “wind and waves mode” : the window will automatically close, the air conditioner will be turned on, the light and wiper will be automatically adjusted, and the rearview mirror will be opened for heating and the rear windshield will be defrosting. ACC will adjust the following distance to the maximum under the open state to protect the safety of every moment.

Goddess model

After the “goddess mode” is opened, the steering wheel is light, the acceleration is gentle, and the driving is easy, effortless and more powerful.

Child model

Driving with children easily distracted, open the “children’s mode” : automatically play children’s songs for the baby, treasure mother real-time view of the back row of children, you to protect the baby, we to protect you.

V2L external discharge system

Camping scene barbecue, lighting, notebook electricity worry, optimize automatic circuit protection, charging current, voltage stability, electrical safety, car end is also safe, light up your poem and distance.

Level L2 intelligent Driving assistance

No matter on highways or congested sections, or when driving on curves, it can bring safe and labor-saving driving experience.

Automatic parking system

360-degree panoramic vision, monitoring the surrounding environment of vehicles, intelligent voice parking, APP remote control parking, tracking reverse, intelligent parking more leisurely.

Proprietary standards are safer

Safety is the ultimate standard of love, gentle protection of each drive, enjoy the beautiful life.

ORA Ballet Cat

Guardian mode

In case of emergency, you only need to hold down the cat button on the side of the main driver’s seat for more than one second, and the video recording inside the car will be opened, and the real-time location of the vehicle and the picture inside the car will be sent to the five-digit emergency contact phone.

ORA Ballet Cat

Battery safety

Five safety protection system design, from the bottom to solve the user’s battery safety pain points. Strict reliability control and extreme test verification, exceed the standard to ensure battery safety. More cloud big data monitoring, race against time, for life escort.

ORA Ballet Cat

Body safety

High strength steel, with cage body design, to ensure the body stiffness and collision safety of the occupant.

Parameter configuration

CLTC operating range of 500 km

Heat pump air conditioning

External discharge system

Riding the waves mode

Guardian mode

Intelligent driving assistance system


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