Nissan Ariya

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Nissan Ariya


Nissan Ariya


66 kWh


520 km


197 HP


12.7 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Starlight design language, boundary-breaking light source design;
    The use of diamond cutting technique, so that the taillights in the overall shape of the simple at the same time, to achieve a brilliant lighting effect.
  • Minimalist design, very futuristic technology
    Unique intelligent light language 2, the new car between the extraordinary interactive experience.

Cloud map professional pure level station
The magic flying carpet

The security architecture is both rigid and flexible

Optimized for EV models, strengthened the battery area structure, added buffer space reservation and integrated high voltage line rear protection.

The flat space is flexible and open

Modular space structure, flexible adaptation and compatibility, and carrying flat, thin battery cabin, vehicle battery floor filling rate increased by 16%.

Smart systems use both the carrot and the stick

Equipped with Nissan’s upgraded electronic electrification architecture, it brings intelligent and smooth human-computer interaction, and can realize 60-second OTA upgrade.

Nissan top chassis tuning

Sports car class front and rear 50:50 golden weight ratio for perfect comfort and handling.

Design moves the heart

Oriental aesthetic essence, design the beauty of life.

Streamer flying feather LED lamp set

With the world’s thinnest lens and the world’s longest signal light lighting step by step, it restores V-motion and adds brilliant wings to ARIYA’s front face.

Ink shadow shield front face design

The “shield” design, full of scientific sense, integrates complex and exquisite “group” pattern and luminous logo, and embedded front radar and camera, both aesthetic and can provide protection for the front technology system.

Surprise Silence · Private time walking light system

Focus on inner peace and pleasure, reflecting the understanding of the relationship between self, self and others, individual and society, man and nature. The interior of the car door integrates the elements of “group” and the row lights along the lower edge of the central control, creating a quiet moment of one’s own surrounded by row lights.

Blank space · through-front design

Keep space and time important in a simple way. The front row has more comfortable leg room, when the main door space is narrow, you can easily and gracefully pace to the deputy door.

Cloud electric control central armrest box

The armrest can slide 150mm back and forth electronically, which can adjust the most comfortable front and rear space according to the needs. The center of the front row can place a maximum of 7OL hiking bag or large pet box, which can also achieve intimacy when traveling with pets.

Hidden electric central storage box

Nissan’s first multifunctional storage box, electric opening and closing controllable, embedded sliding combination of small table, perfect combination of storage and storage, can be placed light food or tablet computer, second to change the guest dining room, the main driver and co-driver share a comfortable time.

Boundless · XingYunliu Twin 12.3-inch all-in-one screen

From the physical relationship and digital information level, the interior and exterior space of the car are interactively connected. Full of fashion and technology sense of double 12.3-inch integrated large screen, equipped with Nissan’s new generation of vehicle networking system, dual screen display, intuitive interface, rapid response, easy to interact.

Edge · Wood grain light hidden touch panel

Break away from stereotypes and create something new and cutting-edge. Using Nissan’s latest capacitive touch technology, the exquisitely carved wood-grain panel, combined with adaptive vibration feedback all-in-one keys, can be awakened by light touch and ready for waiting, with tactile sense, texture and more futuristic feeling.

Hospitality · Hospitality Ready welcome system

Anticipate user needs and provide unparalleled “personal” hospitality services.

Performance free control

Dual motor intelligent four-wheel drive, driving time leisurely.

1/10000 SEC super precision motor torque control

Comparable to the control precision of aerospace black technology, it brings you lightning-like response and silky smooth driving experience, minimizing the pitch and dive feeling of repeated start-stop urban traffic, and reducing the discomfort of car sickness.

The 600N-m is comparable to the surging power of a sports car

Front and rear dual motor combined torque 600N-m, bringing speed start and continuous push-back experience.

100:0~0:100 intelligent torque distribution

Balanced chassis control, lane tracking and precise steering are provided at all times to ensure that the vehicle will not deviate from the lane even if the unexpected situation arises, resulting in knowing and confident driving control.

Wisdom is joyful and wise

Intelligent driving assistance, intelligent people car life.

22 high precision sensing equipment all-round protection

Five high-definition cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, and 12 ultrasonic sensors are distributed around the body of the vehicle to dynamically perceive and convey the vehicle environment without dead corners in an all-round way, improve the intelligent driving experience and protect the safety of the vehicle at all times.

ICC Full speed range adaptive cruise function

Intelligent cruise within the range of O-144km/h, automatically keep a proper distance from the vehicle in front, complete speed adjustment, stop and start according to the speed changes of the vehicle in front.

LKA lane keeping assist system

Efficient lane recognition, can automatically follow the direction of the lane line smooth adjustment, to ensure that vehicles always stay in the center of the lane, and in the adjacent lane when there are large vehicles timely adjust the position in the lane.

S-ALC one key intelligent assisted lane change

Open with one button, real-time assessment of the situation to assist safe lane change, turn signal will be automatically cancelled after the action, effectively alleviate the driving fatigue of long-distance travel.

FAP dual mode intelligent parking

Using cameras and parking sensors (sonar) intelligent detection of parking position, can be free to fine tune according to the actual environment. Support front and rear dual parking mode, support parallel, reverse and forward three parking functions.

Intelligent interconnection system trusted by 3 million + owners

Nissan Connect 2.0+ has eight vehicle scenarios and 48 on-board human-computer interaction functions, covering the entire scene travel needs.

Four-tone source location

Directional sound recognition, avoid noise and echo effects, accurately identify the source of speech and provide personalized interactive services.

10.8 inch HD HUD+ AR live action navigation

In the front windshield to achieve a double surface imaging, synchronous display of speed, navigation, audio, call reminder and other information; In addition, based on sensing equipment and GPS positioning and other technologies, 3D real scene driving navigation is presented, which is smart and clear at a glance.

Comfort and treat body and mind

Wide suitable for leapfrog space, quiet enjoy comfortable home.

NISSAN Comfort Cabin

ARIYA achieves a higher space utilization rate and a lower center of gravity for driving. The large space of the crossover flat is compatible with Nissan’s full-speed silence project, creating a comfortable and quiet driving enjoyment.

Ergonomic leather seat with zero gravity design concept

The new 3D Multi-Layer ergonomic seat adopts the aerospace zero-gravity design concept to wrap and support the body at the optimal point, keeping comfortable and relaxed at all times, and effectively relieving driving fatigue.

Temple quality hi-fi BOSE sound system

Together with the top audio brand BOSE, we are dedicated to build the palace level 10-speaker car audio system, which can broaden the range of sound and restore the high and low audio sounds in detail and fullness, delicate and real.

e-Pedal- Physical intelligent control pedal

Through a pedal to achieve 90% of daily driving operations, can achieve startup, acceleration and deceleration functions. For the model equipped with e-4ORCE, all four wheels can recover kinetic energy when the pedal is released to slow down, achieving a more stable and comfortable driving experience.

Accompany you at all times of safety

Protect the safety of travel, enjoy a safe ride.

16 NISSAN i-SAFETY Intelligent Active safety system

Equipped with 16 NISSAN i-SAFETY intelligent active safety systems, covering daily driving scenarios. Panoramic monitoring, always alert, fully protect the car inside and outside safety.

150OMPa UHSS ultra high strength rigid body

PHS thermoforming steel (above 1500 MPa) is used for key parts of the body, and 71% high-strength steel (above 340 MPa) and 65% ultra-high-strength steel (above 590 MPa) are used for the whole vehicle, which has passed 400 repeated crash tests.


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