Neta V

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Neta V




31.18 kWh


301 km


54 HP


11.2 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Hozon Neta V is a small electric SUV first launched in 2021.
  • It is among the best selling Chinese electric SUVs out there. Neta V offers up to 401 kilometers of range.
  • Standard version of the Hozon Neta V comes with 31.18-kWh battery pack, offering 301 km range and 101 km/h top speed.

Intelligent upgrade convenient and convenient before V have

Wiser and smarter, inheriting the dividends of modern technology.

Sound Reproduction
Intimate Little Secretary
In-vehicle vital signs monitoring system
Zero-button, full-touch, minimalist interior
Nezha AI voice assistant (full-scene intelligent voice)
360 Safety Guard
Auto-sensing windshield wipers
Tencent Video
Nezha applet (Beep, Baby Bus… )

Performance upgrades for unprecedented pleasure

More power, easy to travel the whole field.

Modeling upgrades before the heart of the V have

Richer colors, more temperament

Front center armrest
New body color of laurel green
The whole car fashion decorative bright strip

Service upgrade intimate before the V have

Full life service cycle at your fingertips
Lifetime free triple electric warranty
Lifetime free roadside assistance
Lifetime free car network traffic
Free entertainment traffic for 5GB/month*3 years, unlimited basic traffic (navigation, OTA usage) for life

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