560km battery life

Extremely intelligent driving

go hand in hand

Extreme comfort

5 seconds space magic

Extremely intelligent and flexible

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77 kWh


560 km


245 HP


180 km/h


%30-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • The Maxus MIFA 9 features a striking design that makes it very appealing though it’s a family van. Key to that attractive design is the prominent front end that makes it seem grand and powerful.
  • The large, high-set bonnet that doesn’t slope down fast like most MPVs, the thin headlamps, and the prominent bumper make the electric MPV look grand and tough.

Extremely Intelligent And Elegant

Poetry And Distant Places Are Elegantly Displayed

"Rolling Yunshu" triple screen

"Star Array Light Language" matrix headlights

"Rolling Yunshu" triple screen

Yacht class front and rear panoramic sunroofs can be opened

19-inch phantom low-drag wheels

Extremely Intelligent Driving

Enjoy The Convenience Without Feeling The Size

The second generation 8-layer Hair-Pin Winding permanent magnet synchronous motor

A new generation of SAIC Motor Intelligent and efficient electric drive system

90 degree high performance ternary lithium battery (The battery cell is Ningde era) CLTC cruising range 560km (The standard endurance version is 480km) V2L 6.6kW off-vehicle discharge function


Youdao Zhitu Advanced Intelligent Driving Assistance System

Command Lane Change

Park Your Car

Extreme Security

Moving Forward Safely Every Minute And Every Second

DMS main driver biometric system 7 airbags (Super long side air curtain/driver's remote airbag)

The proportion of high-strength steel accounts for 80% Ultra-high-strength steel accounted for 26.07%

Extreme Comfort

Just Right Tacit Understanding


Leapfrog body size: 5270mm*2000mm*1840mm Superior wheelbase: 3200mm 5270 car length, easy to park in a 5.3m parking space

go hand in hand OMS Passenger Area Biometric Identification System

Full car VIP seat (electric adjustment/heating/ventilation/massage/leg rest)

Premium Nappa Fine Leather

Extremely Intelligent And Flexible

MPV World Space Magician

55L front trunk can be put at will 2179L luggage space Electric induction tailgate, kick sensor

Humanized design car handle The height from the ground is as low as 919mm

Double-sided electric side sliding doors, unlocking luxurious texture

Spider Customization Selection Platform

Appearance, Interior, Power Configuration, And Combination At Will


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