Family six-seater luxury SUV

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40.9 kWh


1100 km


449 HP


24.2 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Li Auto L8 is a range-extender electric SUV launched in September 2022.
  • It drives on two electric motors capable of delivering 449-HP and 620 Nm of torque. There is also a range-extender 1.5-liter petrol engine.
  • L8 has a large infotainment display and a second-row screen mounted on the car’s ceiling.

City power, long-distance power, camping power

"Redefining" luxury mid - to large-sized SUVs

Three rows of all-electric seats

All the seats support electric adjustment, so everyone in the family can find a comfortable sitting position. The main driver can reset the whole car seat with one button and help the family fold the third row of seats, convenient loading and fetching.

Luxury seating arrangement

The soft seats are warm in winter and cool in summer. The three rows of the whole car are standard equipped with heated seats. The seats are opened remotely in winter, and the wings of the seats are all warm.

King-size bed model

The first row and the second row of seats together into a flat bed, lunch break camping sleep more comfortable.

Double panoramic oversize canopy

The total area of the sky curtain is more than 1 square meters, the car is transparent and bright, with double electric heat insulation sun curtain, to protect children’s eyes from direct sun.

Double glazing for sound insulation

Windows and sunroof are standard with double acoustic insulation glass, so that families can enjoy the peace of travel.

Six-seat layout

With six people fully loaded, the trunk can still fit two 24-inch suitcases for the whole family.

Five-seat layout

The third row separately put down one side seat, flexible load, easy to accommodate skis and other ultra-long items.

Four-seat layout

The two seats in the third row are placed flat at the same time, which can hold up to 5 28-inch suitcases and 1 24-inch luggage.

HUD head-up display

13.35 inch super HD HUD with adaptive adjustment of HUD height and brightness to see more and clearer.

Safe driving interactive screen

The Mini LED display effect is more delicate, the speed gear is clear at a glance, and the energy mode and lane change confirmation are more convenient.

Vehicle center control screen and passenger entertainment screen

Dual 15.7 “3K resolution LCD screen with integrated vehicle control and entertainment features for a better 16:9 screen ratio full screen viewing experience.

Rear entertainment screen

15.7 inches 3K resolution LCD electric folding screen, designed for the rear family, viewing Angle can be adjusted.

Every kilometer is a mile of happiness

New all-wheel-drive extended range electric system with Magic Carpet air suspension, CLTC comprehensive range of 1,315 km, WLTC comprehensive range of 1,100 km.

Ideal Magic Carpet Air Suspension TM

It is composed of front double-fork suspension, rear five-link suspension, intelligent air suspension, CDC continuously variable damping shock absorber, and fully self-developed XCU central domain controller, making the ride more stable and comfortable. The air spring comes with a warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km.

* Ideal L8 Max and Ideal L8 Pro with Ideal Magic Carpet Air Suspension TM; The ideal L8 Air is equipped with CDC continuously variable damping damping system.

Convenient boarding and unloading function

After opening, the height of the car body is lowered by 40mm, convenient for the elderly and children to get on and off the car.

Loading mode

The rear suspension height can be reduced by 50 mm to facilitate the daily loading and unloading of trunk items.

Speed adjustment

The suspension height adaptively adjusts the height according to the speed, reduces the energy consumption and improves the control stability.

Off-road escape

The suspension height will be automatically raised to gain more ground clearance and ensure the passability of unpaved surfaces.


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