New World driving control flagship

340 HP

90 kWh

340 HP

90 kWh

340 HP

90 kWh

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90 kWh


675 km


340 HP


13.4 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • 2023 IM L7 Elite is the long range version of the luxurious electric sedan.
  • Alibaba-backed marque’s latest EV can produce 340 HP and 475 Nm of torque.
  • Electric sedan is equipped with a 90-kWh battery pack supplied by CATL. The highest DC charging rate is 140 kW.
  • IM L7 Elite price is around €45,800, or in China.

Hypersensitive driving control Snake Move

Four-wheel steering system
With a turning radius of only 5.4m, it has perfect stability, comfort and flexible control, creating a new starting point for high-performance electric vehicles in China.
Front 245mm/ rear 275mm mixed tire width
Mega supercar configuration, more powerful grip performance, fast and steady lane change curve
WAE Williams master chassis tuning
108 performance indicators have been adjusted and verified, driving control performance has advanced comprehensively.
Set a new record for the fastest mass-produced electric car in Zhejiang with strong performance
In one fell swoop among the world's top performance camp Let more users experience the pleasure of high level driving control.
Electric car drift distance The longest world record holder
Full display "new world driving control flagship" treasure charm.
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Pure taste high dine Pure⁺ Premium

180+ Net Taste grade *
(To achieve the new car placed 180 days after the net effect) National standard 1/10 level air quality The only full score of "Zhongqi Research CN95 Fresh Air Cabin Test"
Double silenced glass and seal system for the whole car
Create a deep space class quiet cabin China Automotive Research NVH low wind noise car A level certification.
FSC® Certified Lake Como Solid Wood Trim Panel *
You can feel the natural smell of the Alps.
Selection German Bavarian semi-aniline leather seat *
Super soft cortex for a high quality experience.
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More like human IM AD intelligent driving system

Noninductive recharge
Wireless charging of the entire vehicle without "meddling"

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