Honda e:NS1

Intelligent driving fun pure electric SUV.

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Hon da e:NS1

Honda e:NS1


Hon da


68.8 kWh


510 km


204 HP


13.8 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 40 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Honda e:NS1 is Japanese automaker’s first fully electric SUV launched in China in April 2022.
  • Honda e:NS1 and 2022 H-RV are basically the same vehicle. Honda simply attached a battery pack underneath the existing chassis and convert H-RV into an electric SUV.
Hon da e:NS1

Architecture F
Intelligent and efficient pure electrical architecture

One person and car smooth driving control
Large capacity · high density battery
High rigidity pure electric vehicle frame
Three-in-one high power motor
Precise adjustment of rear suspension
20000+ scene algorithm
Honda EV SOUND. Honda EV Sound
Three driving modes

Intelligent interconnection

Pure electric vehicle special version
Natural and smooth AI voice assistant, car and home interconnection, energy management, OTA online upgrade and other more than 20 functions.

Hon da e:NS1
Hon da e:NS1

Security esp

FCW pre-collision warning system
Blind area monitoring system
Rearview dynamic reminder system
Intelligent traffic sign identification system
Lane offset suppression system
LDW lane deviation warning system
Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
Comes with low speed follow mode ACC
TJA Traffic Jam Assistance System
Lane Keeping Assistance System (LKAS)
360° panoramic image system

Smart phone interconnection

Hon da e:NS1
Hon da e:NS1

Driver state awareness system

Face ID, dispersion force monitoring, fatigue monitoring, dangerous driving posture monitoring, emotion monitoring

External power supply function

Hon da e:NS1
Hon da e:NS1

Automatic parking assist system

10.25 inch full LCD smart meter

Hon da e:NS1


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