Ultra long endurance intelligent coupe.

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80.9 kWh


562 km


430 HP


14.4 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 31 minutes

Highlighted Features

Full energy absorption design, high strength body. Double-layer hot-formed steel B-column enhances side collision safety protection, and the newly designed cage cabin effectively absorbs and conducts collision force.

Let your personality shine through

Six classic colors are injected into the P7 body, and the Penwing exclusive super flash green.

Super endurance, worry-free travel

From the noisy Drum Tower of Beijing to the sunset beach of Qingdao, from the wilderness of Pampas grassland to the sea breeze of Port Blanca, from the Langele Plateau all the way to explore 1, the Seine River flowing European civilization. Charge once, you can go further and experience more with you.

Three-in-one electric drive

High performance and high efficiency, power on call, the new generation of high power and high torque permanent magnet synchronous motor, power density up to 2kW/kg, maximum power 316kW, torque 655N·m. Green light to start, change lanes to overtake a step faster.

High performance power cell

It’s safer, it’s lighter, it’s more usable. 110mm ultra-thin battery pack, the maximum model power exceeds 80kW-h, equipped with intelligent thermal management and temperature control system.

Super fast charge

It can be charged for 10 minutes and run 120+km. Thanks to the selection of high-performance cell and the optimal management of charging strategy, P7 can charge 120+km of emergency power in 10 minutes. With a more extensive and continuous network of supercharging stations, your travel becomes more convenient.

All self - developed intelligent driving assistance

Intelligent assisted driving from Chinese road conditions, easy to drive and stop.

ACC Adaptive cruising

P7 Automatically adjusts the vehicle distance according to the set following distance. When the current vehicle stops, it can stop and follow the start; When there is no car ahead, cruise according to the set cruising speed.

ATC Adaptive bend cruise

Smoother vehicle control, more natural speed control, improved safety and comfort.

SEPA Intelligent Platform architecture

SEPA intelligent platform architecture, with a perfect on-board neural network and a powerful dual-engine processor, data processing capacity has realized a leap, intelligent scene has been expanded again, the vehicle OTA capability makes intelligent experience comprehensive upgrade.

Intelligent twin engine

Two engines, remarkable intelligence. Built-in automatic driving chip and intelligent service engine, data perception and data processing capabilities are significantly improved. Compared to an engine-free design, the smart twin has a wider sense, faster feedback, better recognition, and a smoother experience.

Vehicle OTA

Upgrade to new experiences from the inside out. It can not only realize the upgrade and addition of on-board APP, but also realize the upgrade and adjustment of vehicle functions under the control of ECU, truly realizing the vehicle controllable OTA.

The smart cockpit opens up all kinds of possibilities

Beyond the definition of traditional driving space, evolved into a control hub of intelligent travel life. With the natural human-computer interaction of the vehicle system, possibly, from here on.

Sound source localization

With the powerful sound source location function, small P can make different responses to the instructions of the autonomous co-pilot position, and clearly distinguish the difference between real needs and normal chat.

Full scene dialogue

A more intelligent interactive experience, the full integration of graphical interface GUI and voice interface VUI, to establish a more convenient and natural personified communication, at the right time to provide you with active service recommendation.

Vehicle open platform

APP9 is a real “mobile application” that can be updated at any time and deeply customized for you.

Rich content ecology

The intelligent entertainment system offers a wide selection of games, karaoke, music and audiobooks. You can sing in the car through the external device, or you can have a speed race on the big screen. Open ecological application store, so that you can get the latest smart and convenient travel experience.

Mobile concert hall

Together with Danna Theatre-class sound system, we will create an exclusive mobile concert hall for you to enjoy immersive audio-visual experience. No matter the solemn momentum of classical music, or the brisk rhythm of popular tones, P7 can bring you a music feast anytime and anywhere.


To bel Canto field

Equipped with 18 original imported Dana speakers, professional layout design for you to create a full range of immersive music enjoyment, interpretation of the stage scene. Unique instrument panel lifting speaker, full of ritual sense.

Intelligent dynamic balancing technology

Sound tracks can be traced. Through the scientific distribution of the original Danah loudspeaker, the linkage of high frequency and low frequency sound transmission can be realized to simulate the fluid movement of sound, so that you can enjoy the soundscape in the car, and the journey is full of pleasure.


Music field control

No matter where you sit in the cabin, you can achieve reasonable sound field positioning of the position in the car through music and sound field control and adjustment technology, and feel the position effect of the original recording and the sense of encirclement.


Music immersion mode

A maximum of 13 atmosphere lights can be arranged, which can show 20 colors. It is deeply integrated with music, air conditioning, security system and intelligent system to increase intelligent interactive experience. When the music plays, it also lights up the scene for you.

Cage body construction

Full energy absorption design, high strength body. Double-layer hot-formed steel B-column enhances side collision safety protection, and the newly designed cage cabin effectively absorbs and conducts collision force.

Battery safety

17 strict inspection, the intensity is stricter than the national standard provisions. It is dustproof and waterproof to the highest level IP68, and the battery pack can still work normally after soaking in a water depth of 1 meter for 48 hours.

All-wrapped airbag

Hard crash, soft landing. P7 Reasonable air bag layout, effective for drivers and passengers to provide all-round protection measures, is a truly reliable intelligent car.

Information security

Information security standard maker, Xiaopeng Automobile has become a member of the IIFAA alliance of auto enterprises, jointly develop and release digital car key security standards, and cooperate with Ant Financial Services and Tencent Cohen Lab to protect automobile network security, build automobile network security barriers.

Excellent driving control

Surging power is triggered, driving challenges calmly.


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