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71.4 kWh


600 km


211 HP


11.9 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 38 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Xpeng P5 is a mid-range smart sedan launched in 2021.
  • Fully electric sedan went on sale in Europe in April 2022.
  • Xpeng P5 600P comes with an front-axle electric motor that can generate 211 horsepower and 310 Nm of torque

Intelligent driving and intelligent assisted driving

Full stack self – developed intelligent auxiliary driving system, so that the driving quality is more advanced.

Lidar is the world's first mass-produced car

Dual Lidar, covering the front lateral field of vision of 150°; The longest detection distance is 150m2, with the ability of natural perception of three-dimensional information of the environment; Ranging accuracy centimeter level, higher spatial resolution. The perception is not affected by ambient light, and the recognition ability of dynamic and static objects is improved comprehensively. It can effectively cope with situations such as entering and leaving tunnels, close congestion and road construction.

360° dual perception fusion

Up to 32 sensing sensors; Integrated vision, radar, high-precision positioning unit and advanced driving assistance map for environmental perception, better perception ability, more suitable for China’s complex road conditions.

Higher level intelligent navigation assisted driving 3

In ACC/LCC/NGP conditions, the congestion vehicle can be identified and dealt with earlier, and the comfort is enhanced in congested road conditions. Support VPA parking memory enhanced version; New city NGP, high-speed NGP enhanced version.

Intelligent control · vehicle intelligent system

Fever level hardware, game level experience, new on-board intelligent system, better understand what you say and think.

New intelligent AI interaction

The combination of 15.6-inch touch screen and 12.3-inch LCD dashboard makes the operation smooth and silky, creating a technological car atmosphere, highlighting luxury and smart temperament.

The third generation Qualcomm Snapdragon

Flagship digital cockpit platform, 7 nanometer manufacturing process, 8 core design; Support strong vehicle-mounted mobile Internet and communication capabilities, so that Pengyou enjoy more silky human-computer interaction.

Full scene speech

Support continuous dialogue, dual tone zone recognition, more understanding of user thinking. Small P’s new AI voice uses a new generation of ultra-large online neural network speech synthesis engine’s on-board intelligent system, so that small P has better listening, more vivid, more like a real person and other characteristics.

Vehicle OTA upgrade service

Support full life cycle OTA.

Your phone is your key

Multi-bluetooth positioning judge the user’s position, identify the farthest distance up to 30 meters, realize automatic unlock near the car and start the car, automatic lock away from the car, no need to take out the mobile phone during the whole process, convenient and fast.

Vehicle-mounted UAV application

Intelligent flight of the UAV can be controlled by voice or large screen. The location of the UAV can be displayed on the vehicle map in real time, and the images taken by the UAV can be viewed at any time.

Wisdom and fun zero pressure

Changing mobile intelligent large space 7, breaking the imagination of space utilization is a private viewing game space for Pengyou, a sleep space for rest, and a living space for mobile office surfing. More interesting scenes and exclusive modes are determined by you.


Ride space

Leading driving space, unique front seat flat design, carrying comfortable experience.


Rear seat

The rear effective leg space is nearly 1 meter, allowing passengers to stretch freely.


Storage space

26 storage Spaces,450L oversized trunk,5 20-inch luggage for easy storage, 70L rear end exclusive space.

Intelligent air purification system

Purification performance is further upgraded
PM2.5 detection and purification can be realized; Air conditioning self – drying anti – mildew, harmful gas monitoring alarm and other functions
Guardian type intelligent fragrance system
Beautiful appearance, with atmosphere lamp;The fragrance concentration can be adjusted freely, and the three fragrance channels can be switched freely. Equipped with CO and CO2 concentration intelligent detection function.

X-HP Intelligent Thermal management system

Equipped with heat pump air conditioning and intelligent safety heat control, increase winter endurance by 15%

The air conditioning system is efficient, energy saving and comfortable. On the premise of guaranteeing the thermal comfort of the cabin, it can save energy in all aspects and effectively solve the problem of low temperature energy consumption. The winter endurance is improved by about 15% compared with the traditional PTC heating.

Intelligent safe heat control

The ultra-wide operating temperature range of -30℃~55℃ can be realized according to the needs of the power system, so that the power system is always in the best operating temperature range, to ensure the thermal safety of the power system, shorten the charging time and increase the driving range.

Fun is up to you

The third generation of intelligent cockpit, Nappa leather seats with ventilation and heating functions, instrument panel speaker with ambient light can be raised and lowered.

According to preferences and needs, Pengyou can select the original custom-developed intelligent sleeping set, intelligent life set, and other intelligent configuration set, to expand the vehicle space of sleep, entertainment, life, outdoor scenes.

More scene exploration

Support Pengyou to explore the AIOT ecology of human-vehicle-field interconnection and interaction, covering more scenes of intelligent fun. Open the imagination of space utilization, and create its own intelligent space.

Intelligent beauty · Generative intelligent aesthetics

In line with the unique restraint and publicity of Chinese people, to complex and uniform, return to nature. Appropriate design brings “just right” experience, avant-garde simplicity and warmth.

0.223 Ultra-low wind resistance design

Streamlined vehicle design

The body line is slim and smooth, and the visual experience of leapfrog body size.

Orbital hugging cockpit

Enveloping design

The horizontal lines extend from the IP to the back door to form a “hugging” package feeling, and the space is a whole.

Wisdom letter · worry-free safety & really endurance

Adopt high performance and high safety battery, equipped with high efficiency heat pump air conditioning, intelligent safe heat control, do worry-free safety, endurance is really reliable “Pengyou.

Supercharging capacity

Large capacity high-density battery pack, 30%-80% charging time up to 30 minutes.


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