Nio et7

653 HP

150 kWh

653 HP

150 kWh

653 HP

150 kWh

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Nio et7




150 kWh


1000 km


653 HP


15 kWh / 100 km


%0-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

Class leading body size
The ET7 has a class-leading vertical and horizontal size, allowing every passenger to enjoy free and open space. The side lines are clean and smooth.

Nio design gene evolved again

Double-Dash daytime running light, integrated into the body of the X-bar, three-dimensional transparent through the heartbeat taillight, more pure, more futuristic.

Defining the design of the autonomous driving era

The car appearance design that breaks conventional rules and redefines the era of autonomous driving perfectly integrates the hardware of autonomous driving perception.

Class leading body size

The ET7 has a class-leading vertical and horizontal size, allowing every passenger to enjoy free and open space.
The side lines are clean and smooth.

Spacious, comfortable, delicate and warm
Second living room design

The enveloping cabin of ET7 is a harmonious combination of future technology and simple avant-garde style. It has a suspended screen design, a color matching dual-spoke steering wheel, and a hidden intelligent air outlet for exquisite temperature.

Fresh and natural environment

Both front and back adopt hidden intelligent air outlet, accurately control the wind direction and air volume according to the scene, to ensure the body feel comfortable; Intelligent fragrance and air purification system, make the interior environment fresh and natural.

Fine detail

Meteorite chrome plating process, details, highlight the texture; Nappa premium leather upholstery, complete with standard Microfiber velvet ceiling, every touch is heart-pounding.

Step over comfort

Simple and comfortable seats, armrests, flight headrest, front and rear silent glass, front and rear seats heating, ventilation, massage and innovative rear rear Air Cushion back soothing system are all standard equipment, so that every passenger can enjoy the journey.

Nio et7

Smart mobile living space

The second generation of Nio digital cabin, with NOMI as the core, features 12.8 inch AMOLED central control screen, 10.2 inch HDR digital instrument, 6.6 inch HDR multifunctional control screen in the rear, HUD enhanced head-up display system and multi-screen interaction; It supports access to high-performance AR and VR devices jointly developed by Nio and partners to achieve in-car AR/VR panoramic immersive experience.

Nio et7

AMOLED central control panel

12.8-inch AMOLED high resolution center control screen, suspension design, the narrowest part of the frame is only 5.5mm,100,000:1 ultra high contrast, visual effect is more shocking; Resolution up to 1,728*1,888, NTSC panchromatic gamut, more colorful, more delicate display.

Nio et7

The growing NOMI understands you better and is more intelligent

Four groups of microphone arrays and a dedicated NPU core enable NOMI to recognize voice print, accurately identify sound locations, and interact with independent voice regions without disturbing.

Nio et7

UWB Digital Key and UWB Smart key

The digital key based on UWB technology can realize centimeter-level accurate positioning, and you can enter and leave without feeling when carrying your mobile phone: The newly designed UWB smart key has two colors, black and white, first-class material grip, clear key layout, fashion and function.

4D intelligent body control

It integrates camera and high-precision map big data, senses road bumps in advance, and actively adjusts suspension damping to bring comfortable driving experience.

A new generation of efficient electric drive platform

A new generation of efficient electric drive platform, the application of silicon carbide power module, energy consumption and performance has been greatly improved.

Intelligent air suspension and dynamic suspension damping control

Intelligent air suspension, body height can be realized -10/0/40mm intelligent height adjustment; Dynamic suspension damping control, 500 adjustments per second.

Five-star safety standard

High strength steel and aluminum hybrid body, according to the Chinese and European five-star safety standard design, the torsional stiffness of the vehicle up to 37,100N.m/deg.

Intelligent charging port cover

Arranged in the left rear side of the vehicle, easy to use; Gooseneck opening and closing, elegant and beautiful; Intelligent induction, more convenient.

Brembo High performance four piston front Brake calipers

High-performance four-piston brake calipers to achieve excellent braking performance; Airbright orange color coating, perfect match different rings, surging power gushing out.


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