Hong Qi E-QM5

431 km (267 miles)


160 km/h

Max. Speed

30 minutes

DC Charge Time

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Hong Qi E-QM5


Hong Qi


54 kWh


431 km


136 HP


12.5 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • It can freely switch between standard and economic driving modes, and can freely combine three energy recovery modes to meet the needs of different scenarios.
  • The two endurance versions of the NEDC are optional, respectively 431 km and 605 km. Whether it is daily commute, shopping, weekend outing, or private car application, it can be easily satisfied.

Ideal safety

Multiple protection close cooperation, all-round protection of safe travel, with insight into the owner’s thinking of adaptive protection, the achievement of benchmarking ideal safety.

Active Safety

FCW forward collision warning, AEB automatic emergency braking to actively intervene to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Passive Safety

High strength cage body technology, torsional rigidity 42826Nm/°, strictly defend the last line of defense.

Battery Safety

Honeycomb aluminum super structure design, extrusion/fire and other 16 safety test verification, strictly prevent fire and explosion.

Ideal wisdom

Intelligent full-time remote interaction, in order to know the owner’s mind of the adaptation network, to create everything in control of the ideal wisdom.

Intelligent network connection

Hongqi Zhaopin APP provides full-time companionship, fully covering the remote control of air conditioning requirements during car use and non-car use time, and realizing a number of intimate services such as full-time interaction between users and vehicles.

Ideal space

Tranquility and health of both leapfrog large space, in order to meet the luxury of the host to enjoy the adaptation experience, to create an ideal space as comfortable as home.

Hongqi E-QM5

Step size

Free space, enjoy the comfort. Beyond the size of the C-class car body, with ergonomic front space and a rear seat comparable to first class, create a D-class riding space, so that every moment of travel can be enjoyed.

Fresh environment

Breathe everywhere, anytime. Dual temperature zone intelligent purification air conditioning, can realize the temperature mode double zone independent regulation, low temperature window glass automatic anti-fog, air in fresh air automatic control, PM2.5 filtration and pollen filtration and other comprehensive fresh experience.

Quiet atmosphere

The world is noisy, I am quiet. Microfiber interior, advanced acoustic glass, 5-layer sound insulation structure and other sound insulation design, isolation from the outside world, bring a more focused travel experience.

Magic space

Clever design, reasonable layout. As many as 17 humanized storage Spaces, 433L oversized trunk, fully meet the needs of daily travel, but also make the carriage more tidy and orderly.

Hongqi E-QM5


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