BMW i4

Pure electric BMW i4.

544 HP

80.7 kWh

544 HP

80.7 kWh

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BMW i4 M50




80.7 kWh


510 km


544 HP


19 kWh / 100 km


%10-80: 31 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • BMW i4 M50 is the performance-oriented version of the i4 electric sedan.
  • High-performance i4 M50 offers all-wheel-drive, features dual-motor producing 544 horsepower.
  • BMW i4 M50 can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in 31 minutes.
  • BMW i4 M50 is priced at $65,900 in the US.
  • BMW i4 is being manufactured at BMW’s ‘The Bavarian Car Factory’ in Munich,. Germany

Chang Yi driving, and electrical counterparts


Blazing eye aesthetics, ready to come out


Gallop, the edge is exposed


The sports interior is different


Intelligent technology, know you as oneself

Flying style, eye-catching

Between relaxation, full of dynamic brilliance. Combining sporty aesthetics with elegant form, the pure electric BMWi4 is BMW’s first pure electric four-door coupe with its slender, balanced body proportions and clear design language. The highly recognizable blue elements of BMWi brand are interspersed here, highlighting the dynamic and electric characteristics.

BMW i4

Front design

The front of the vehicle of the pure electric BMW i4 features a unique star screen grille, interpreting the classic design with avant-garde styling. At the same time, it contains a cleverly integrated front camera, ultrasonic and radar sensors, which are invisible and intimate companions.

BMW i4

Side design

The all-electric BMW i4 is 4,785 mm long, 1,852 mm wide and 1,455 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,856 mm. Meanwhile, short front overhang, thin struts, rimless doors and a streamlined roof at the rear create the elegant outline of BMW’s first all-electric four-door coupe.

BMW i4

Tail design

Pure electric BMW i4 taillight shape slim sharp, full of science and technology, foil the rear of the vehicle. The bottom diffuser is aerodynamically optimized to create a powerful dynamic atmosphere.

BMW i4

M family exclusive design

The pure electric BMWi4M50 combines deep texture and dynamic energy with the optional M carbon fiber exterior components and M aerodynamic kit, highlighting its high-performance sports core.

Sports cabin, exquisite

Exquisite modern details, let the pure electric BMWi4 interior space always overflowing with luxury sports atmosphere. Comfort and immersion go hand in hand with sports seats and a sporty steering wheel with multi-function buttons. Spacious five-seat space and trunk, to meet the needs of diverse travel, longitudinal enjoy no detention dynamic.

BMW i4

Sport seat

Pure electric BMW i4 M50 comes standard with Vernasca leather M sports seat. The deeply recessed seat shape can provide you with good side support to meet the needs of sports driving.

BMW i4

One piece floating curved screen

The new all-in-one curved hover screen integrates a 12.3-inch digital dashboard with a 14.9-inch touch display and tilts slightly toward the driver, following a driver-oriented design philosophy.

BMW i4

Advanced three zone automatic air conditioning

The seat area of the front and back rows can be set respectively with temperature and ventilation intensity to meet the different needs of multiple drivers. It is equipped with innovative nanofiber filtration technology, which not only enhances the air cleaning function in the car, but also effectively isolates some microbial particles and allergens outside the car.

BMW i4


As a four-door coupe, the all-electric BMWi4 has 470 litres of trunk space, which can be expanded to 1,290 litres if the rear seats are repositioned, making every trip easier.

Efficient and convenient, say goodbye to anxiety

In just 46 minutes, the battery of the pure electric BMWi4 can be charged from 0% to 80%, ready to bring you a smooth travel experience. At the same time, BMW instant charging service takes into account the charging needs of different scenarios, integrating advanced 1 technology with convenient and efficient service to protect every trip.


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