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Pure electric EQE

408 HP

90.6 kWh

408 HP

90.6 kWh

408 HP

90.6 kWh

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Mercedes EQE SUV 500




90.6 kWh


547 km


408 HP


19 kWh / 100 km


%0-40: 15 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Mercedes EQE SUV 500 4MATIC is the all-wheel-drive version of the first fully-electric E-Class SUV.
  • EQE SUV 500 comes with two electric motors, one for each axle. It can produce 408 HP and 858 Nm of torque.
  • Mercedes-Benz equipped EQE SUV with a 90.6-kWh battery pack. WLTP range estimation is 547 kilometers.

Bow body design

Dynamic body lines, coupled with coordinated body proportions, result in excellent aerodynamic performance with a drag coefficient of as low as 0.22Cd. Elegant bow body, cockpit front layout and seamless body design, presenting a sense of dreamlike visual tension.

Dark star array "enclosed grille

Covered with three-dimensional star emblem “dark star array” closed grille, star emblem neatly arranged, each release charming shining brilliance, anytime and anywhere with you to create a starry sky impression.

Smart digital headlights

The pure electric EQE is equipped with 2.6 megapixel smart digital headlights that allow accurate beam distribution according to road conditions. When unlocking or locking a vehicle, a unique meteor shower lighting effect awaits.

Through-through 3D spiral taillights

Through the 3D spiral taillight, like the dark night streamer, deduce the evolution of future lighting. Simple, yet elegant, figure also has the charm of streamer.

Star crest plate with backlight

Equipped with backlit star trim, coupled with turbo-shaped air conditioning outlet, the luxurious atmosphere and superior manufacturing technology, make the cabin shine.

Close the car door and enjoy the world.

The active atmosphere lights, supported by 190 LED light sources, can intelligently adjust the lighting mode and color according to real-time functions and driving operations, making the luxurious atmosphere of the cabin shine charming.

MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system

The 12.8-inch digital screen is equipped with MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system and “zero-level interface” without scrolling and page-turning, as well as “telepath-reading assistant” that can be pushed dynamically according to usage scenarios and habits. No need to use your hands to summon the required functions, because technology has already awakened awareness of your mind.

Intelligent driving assistance system

L2 level of driving assistance component enhanced version, set intelligent pilotage distance limit function, intelligent pilotage steering function and many other intelligent driving assistance functions. A long distance millimeter wave radar, 12 parking ultrasonic sensors, 4 360° parking cameras and other sensor hardware equipment, to provide more adequate hardware support for intelligent driving.

Rear-wheel active steering system (10 degrees in each direction)

Equipped with rear-wheel active steering system, the steering Angle is 10 degrees in each direction, and the turning diameter is as low as 10.7 meters. When making large turns, U-turns or lane changes at high speeds, it can awaken driving desire instantly by virtue of the characteristics of more flexible at low speeds and more stable at high speeds.

AR live through navigation

Equipped with Autonavi customized navigation, to achieve the deep integration of vehicle and navigation. Support instrument screen full screen display navigation information, AR real view through navigation and 3D indoor map functions, navigation information at a glance, but also make driving safer.

Interactive personalized simulation of sound waves

The pure electric EQE provides two kinds of personalized analog sound waves, “Silver sound wave” and “Smart Flow”. The theme of “roaring pulse” can be unlocked through OTA to provide sound wave enjoyment matching with dynamic design, allowing technology and driving interest to be placed at the same time.

EVA pure level station

The pure electric EQE is based on Mercedes-Benz EVA pure level platform forward development and has a 400V architecture. Three models of EQE 350 on the market earlier use rear-driven permanent magnet synchronous motors, with power consumption as low as 13.7 KWH per 100 km.

Self-developed battery management system

With Mercedes-Benz’s self-developed battery management system, the battery management software can be updated remotely over OTA throughout the vehicle’s life cycle and can be heated or cooled based on navigation and charging information, further improving battery efficiency.

The maximum power can reach 215 kW

The pure electric EQE 350 model has a maximum power of 215 kW, a maximum torque of 556 Newton-meters, and 0-100 km/h acceleration in 6.7 seconds.

CLTC condition :752 km pure electric endurance

Equipped with 96.1 KWH power battery, the CLTC is capable of up to 752 km of driving range. Equipped with daily 128kw DC charging, it can recharge from 10% to 80% in 48 minutes at the earliest.

The function of refreshing the mind and awakening the mind

The function of refreshing the mind and waking up the mind integrates a variety of comfort function modes in one. You can switch climate control, lighting effect and music/video modes with one button. Anytime and anywhere for you to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere inside the car.

Burmester® Voice of Berlin Surround sound system

The Burmester® Berlin Sound Surround sound system (15 high-performance speakers, total 710 watts) provides the driver with an attractive sound aesthetic during the driving process.

Luxurious and comfortable configuration

In response to the demand of the Chinese market, 10 exclusive upgrade configurations have been added. For example, the rear seat optimized for the Chinese market creates a more comfortable ride experience; The rear gentleman function and the rear center armrest further enhance the flexibility of the rear space; Sunroof curtain rear adjustment button and comfortable rear headrest will upgrade the ride comfort, will be exclusive extreme interpretation.

Cheong Hsin Air Shield with HEPA Filtration System

The pure electric EQE is equipped with the “Changxin Air Shield” equipped with HEPA filtration system, which intelligent senses the air quality inside and outside the car, and automatically opens and closes the air filtration function, so that the driver can enjoy the clean cabin anytime and anywhere.

Noise and vibration comfort

On the basis of Mercedes-Benz standard excellent NVH performance, more for Chinese customers to upgrade, from the electric drive system to suspension system for a large number of NVH optimization, and standard with double silent glass, standard with vehicle acoustic package, bring quiet driving experience.

Panoramic skylight with electric sunshade

The pure electric EQE is equipped with a panoramic skylight with electric sunshade, which not only gives you the brilliant blue sky, but also harvest the romance of countless stars. At the same time, inflammation enjoys cooling. The hot summer can also create a cool and comfortable cabin feeling for you, so that you can enjoy the cool at any time.

A new scheme to buy cars for a limited time

Mercedes-benz owners repurchase or replacement will enjoy RMB 10,000 cash subsidies owners of other brands repurchase or replacement will enjoy RMB 6,000 cash subsidies Mercedes-Benz auto finance loan program,0 interest rate 36 periods; Benz rental “enjoy before you choose – Star wisdom word” program, monthly payment from 0 yuan.


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