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Aion S




65 kWh


480 km


204 HP


155 km/h


%30-80: 45 minutes

Highlighted Features

Full-stack self-developed intelligent assisted driving system, more intelligent. Cloud arrow family image.  “T-shaped” LED headlights. “High energy pulse” waist line.  “Dark Star Orbit” strip.  “digital flame” through the LED taillight. Sports car class low wind resistance 0.245Cd.


XPILOT 2.5 & Xmart OS 2.0
Full-stack self-developed intelligent assisted driving system, more intelligent


Length · Width · Height · Wheelbase (mm).


Length · Width · Height · Wheelbase (mm).


Polar white




Night shadow black

Black interior

Brown interior

Ultra long range one week charge

480km range version
Long endurance, eliminate user mileage pain points
Charge once a week, truly free of range anxiety.

High performance 3-in-1 electric drive

Deep integrated high performance
“Three -” electric drive system
① Low energy consumption, 12.9kWh/100km.
High integration, small size, weight reduction of 20%.
Aluminum alloy chassis control strong, chassis and body a large number of new materials such as aluminum alloy, lightweight, corrosion resistance, strong control stability.
④ Intelligent motor energy recovery mode, reduce brake pad, tire wear.

The first three electric system

① Three electric system lifetime guarantee (the first owner, non-operation, less than 30,000 kilometers per year).
② High safety: the third generation of intelligent temperature control system and BMS, so that the battery to maintain the ideal working state, long battery life.

The second generation of pure electric exclusive platform GEP

(1) With the “battery + electric drive” as the center layout, give full play to the advantages of power layout and lightweight, improve safety and space utilization.
(2) The riding space greatly exceeds the “oil to electricity”, reduces the space occupied by the engine room, effectively increases the space of the passenger cabin and luggage compartment, and flattens the floor layout.

Whale Space design oversized interior space

①2750mm pure electric car long wheelbase.
② Large front head space, 980mm.
③ The rear row has large legroom, 968mm.
(4) Large space of the backup box, 453L backup box large volume and 1150mm depth.
⑤ Select a large spare tire.

Man-machine symbiosis aesthetics

Comparable to the luxury brand modeling advanced sense, experience technology and performance.

Cloud arrow family image

① “T-shaped” LED headlights

② “High energy pulse” waist line

③ “Dark Star Orbit” strip

④ “digital flame” through the LED taillight

⑤ Sports car class low wind resistance 0.245Cd

Serve customers directly

① Provides users with full scenario services.
② The ultimate full-scene charging function,
the APP can realize the function of checking, guiding, charging and paying the social mainstream stakes.


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