Voyah Dreamer

1.99 s

0-60 mph*

396 mi

Range (EPA est.)

200 mph

Top Speed

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Voyah Dreamer




25.57 kWh


750 km


290 HP


18.3 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 45 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • The Voyah Dreamer rides on the Electric Smart Secure Architecture (ESSA) of Dongfeng which is shared with the Voyah Free.
  • For the interior, the Voyah Dreamer is equipped with individual seats featuring heating, cooling, and massaging functions. The dashboard has a three-screen layout and a floating center console with hidden large storage compartments underneath.
  • The Voyah Dreamer is launched with the introduction of the range extended plug-in hybrid version powered by a dual of 130 kW (170 hp; 180 PS) and 160 kW (210 hp; 220 PS) electric motors plus a 1.5-litre turbo engine,capable of accelerating from 0–100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 5.9 seconds.

low carbon version

Intelligent multi-mode driver

0 carbon version

High performance pure electric

Private customized version

enjoy luxury

ESSA Native Intelligent Electric Architecture

Forward development of dual-power electric architecture

  • Electric native electric
  • Smart
  • SecureSecurity
  • Architecture

Lanhai Power

Original dual-power technology platform

  • super power
  • Energy efficient
  • battery safety
  • Quiet and smooth

Enjoy the luxury and enjoy the tasteful space

Redefine “luxury MPV”

  • Air suspension + CDC with magic carpet function
  • Zero gravity comfortable seat
  • Deep-sea sound insulation and noise reduction
  • Hall of Fame Dynaudio
  • Luxury double side electric sliding door

Equipped with air suspension + CDC MPV with magic carpet function

The front camera scans the road ahead

Comfort space reshape the free pattern

Redefine “comfortable MPV”

  • Second row mobile meeting room
  • Seven seats with wide space
  • oversized trunk
  • 41 humanized storage spaces

Warm technology shows calm texture

Redefine “Smart MPV”

  • Qualcomm 8155 flagship car chip
  • 1.4m unbounded penetrating triple screen
  • L2+ level intelligent driving assistance system
  • 360-degree ultra-clear panoramic image system
  • APA full scene automatic parking system
    RPA remote control parking system

Global safe driving with peace of mind

Redefine “Safe MPV”

  • Super five-star safety development standard
  • Ultra-high-strength steel body
  • All-scenario battery protection system
  • Eco-friendly cockpit for mothers and babies

Ultimate Performance Enjoy Electric Travel

Redefine “Performance MPV”

  • Lanhai Power
  • Torque vector control intelligent four-wheel drive system
  • Double wishbone + five-link independent suspension system
  • Acceleration from 100 kilometers in 5.8 seconds

More seven-seater exterior and interior details

Standard luxury double-sided electric sliding door
Second-row seat first-class sleeping headrest
Hall of Fame Dynaudio
64-color global breathing ambient light
hidden desk
oversized trunk


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