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BYD Qin Plus EV




72 kWh


610 km


204 HP


12.5 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • 2023 BYD Qin Plus EV is a budget-friendly electric sedan. It’s highly popular in Chinese market.
  • The new Qin Plus EV is based on BYD’s latest e-platform 3.0 vehicle architecture, which means there is a CTB (cell-to-body) battery underneath this cheap sedan.
  • BYD put a 72-kWh battery inside the 2023 Qin Plus EV. It can travel up to 610 kilometers according to CLTC test cycle.

Dragon Face3.0 Sharp Forward Face

Strong Enough To Meet Intercity Commuting And Daily Commuting, With Electricity As Low As 14.1 Kilowatt Hours Per 100 Kilometers And As Low As 8 Cents Per Kilometer, For Ultimate Enjoyment From Afar

Coupe Style Sliding Back Design

Personality Slip Back Modeling, Wear The Design Sense On The Body, Let The Place. Be The Focus

The Swimming Dragon Moves The Waist Line

The Attitude Of The Dragon Flying In The Sky Into The Waist Line; Even At Rest, It’S Hard To Hide The Fast Movement

Arrow Feather Dragon Eye Led Headlights

With “Arrow Feather” As Modeling Inspiration, The Electric Eye Is Deeper And Sharper When Lit

5mm Dragon Claw Mark Through Led Taillight

The Slender And Sharp Claw Marks Extend Outward, Giving The World A Beautiful Figure

Eighteen Inch Two-Color Aluminum Alloy Wheels

The Metal Texture Of Two-Color Wheels Gives The Vehicle Wild Power And Cool Temperament. · With Professional German Horse Tires, Grip, Control And Driving Safety Are Significantly Improved

Drive The Road, The Quality

Style Space, Every Inch Of Ingenuity

Dilink 3.0 Intelligent Networking System

Gather The Wisdom Of Developers Around The World, A Number Of Black Technology, Equipped With 12.8-Inch 8-Core Adaptive Rotating Levitation Pad, Larger Screen, Narrower Screen Ratio, Easy To Connect The Wonderful World

Enveloping Wide Floating Cockpit

The Horizontal Wide Hold Design Is Adopted, And The Central Axis Layout Surrounding The Whole Cabin Allows The Senses To Be Open And Comfortable; With The Rhythmic Stretch Of Streamline Decoration, Let You In The Comfort Of The Heart Of The Road

Integrated Sports Luxury Seating

Ergonomic Design, 25 Degrees Back Human Comfort Angle, 52 Degrees Adjustable, Head, Shoulder, Waist Full Contact Strong Support, Long Distance Driving Comfort

Byd Heart Vertical And Horizontal Heart

Adopt New Wisdom Shift Platform, Multifunctional Integration And Unity, Surging Power Immediately Burst Out

High Class Light Luxury Interior

Water Brown Color Matching, Supplemented By Leather Fabric, Delicate Touch, Like Water Brewing Energy In The Sand, Dynamic Momentum

Safety And Wisdom

Each Blade Out Of The Sheath, A Li Yue Guard

High Safety Blade Battery of Qin plus

Redefining Safety Standards Through The “Mount Everest” Acupuncture Experiment In The Field Of Battery Safety Testing; Seven-Dimensional And Four-Layer Safety Matrix, High Temperature Resistance, Long Life, For Driving More Peace Of Mind, More Confidence

L2 Intelligent Driving Assistance System of Qin plus

Active Safety Protection, Emergency No Longer Scrambling. With Lane Keeping, Pedestrian Identification Protection, Lane Departure Warning, Full Speed Adaptive Cruise And Other Functions, All Scene Driving Carefree

Transparent 360° Panoramic Image System of Qin plus

Through Four Cameras Irradiation Around The Body, To Realize The Sight Of No Blind Area, Let The Novice Parking Also Become The Old Driver


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