BYD Yuan Plus

Energy Consumption Per 100 Kilometers


0-100 km/s

7.3 s

Max. Speed

175 km/h

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BYD Yuan Plus




60.48 kWh


510 km


204 HP


11.8 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 30 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • BYD Yuan Plus is a compact electric SUV built on BYD’s e-platform 3.0.
  • It has two battery options; 49-kWh and the longer range 60.48-kWh option.
  • Yuan Plus can travel up to 510 kilometers when fully charged.
  • BYD uses an 800V electrical architecture inside the Yuan Plus, which allows it to charge faster, run more efficiently.
  • BYD Yuan Plus is being manufactured in China. It is also available to order in Australia with a different name: BYD Atto 3


LED tail lights with dynamic direction indicator lights.

Modern Design

Combining elegance and refinement, YUAN aims to accompany
your lifestyle and take control of the future in your hands.

Dragon Face Design

It Combines Electric And Futuristic Designs, With Sharp And Elegant Lines.

Wheels And Rims

Specially Designed 18 Inch Wheels.

Exquisite Details

A Pillar With A “Dragon Scale” Effect.


Panoramic Electric Sunroof With Anti Pinch Function.

Internal Design

Design Surprises Are Everywhere. Colors Originate From Nature, And Life Returns To Nature, Making People Feel Calm, Elegant, And Light. All Of This Has Contributed To A Lively And Rhythmic Atmosphere. The Color Changes With The Music. Those Who Have Experienced This Kind Of Experience Always Feel Young And Full Of Vitality.

Design Line

The Muscle Lines Pass Through The Door Panel And The Full Digital Dashboard, With Smooth Seams Transitioning To A 12.8-Inch Electric Rotating Screen That Unifies All Configurations Of Yuanjia.


Floating Console With Shortcuts To The Main Functions Of The Car.


Adopting Unique And Original Design Ports, Equipped With 2 Out Of 8 Speakers From Yuan Plus, It Can Convert Into Incredible Sound Quality.


Byd Has Exceptional Capabilities In Vertically Integrating The Supply Chain. Byd Integrates 8 Key Components Including Vcu, Bms, Mcu, Pdu, Dc-Dc Controller, Car Charger, Drive Motor, And Gearbox, Creating The World’S First Mass-Produced 8-In-1 System, Greatly Optimizing Space Utilization And Energy Efficiency

High Speed Charging

It Can Achieve High-Speed Charging With A Dc Capacity Of 80 Kilowatts. Byd Yuanjia Electric Vehicle Can Charge From 30% To 80% Using An 80 Kw Dc Charger In Just 30 Minutes.


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