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BYD Seal




82.5 kWh


650 km


530 HP


14.6 kWh / 100 km


%30-80: 25 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • BYD Seal is a fully electric sedan built on BYD’s latest vehicle platform.
  • Compact electric sedan has two engines that produce 530 horsepower and 670 Nm of torque.
  • BYD Seal can travel around 650 kilometers when fully charged, according to CLTC test cycle.
  • Chinese EV maker already started to accept pre-orders for the Seal. It is available in China.

A Master Of Handling

  • The improvement of the torsional stiffness for the whole vehicle can effectively suppress the vibration of the vehicle body.
  • The vehicle can flexibly respond to complex road conditions like roads with speed bumps or pebbles.

A Master Of Performance

  • Moose test: 83.5km/h
  • 50:50 golden axle load distribution ratio
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds*

A Master Of Handling

BYD CTB (Cell to Body) technology integrates the Blade Battery into the vehicle body, which has evolved the battery “Sandwich Structure” into a vehicle “Sandwich Structure”, greatly improving the vehicle safety, stability, handling and performance.

  • CTB technology makes the limitation of fuel vehicles become the baseline of electric vehicles.
  • The ultra-safe Blade Battery is the only battery that has passed the “Mt. Everest” Nail Penetration Test, creating the foundation of CTB technology.
  • The cellular structure makes security evolve again.
  • It is composed of closely arranged Blade Batteries, an upper cover plate and a tray. Its “Sandwich Structure” is like a honeycomb, achieving a breakthrough in the structural strength of the battery system, which can bear 50 tons* of a heavy truck rolling.
  • Via the integration of battery and body, the car can become “super safe”.
  • CTB technology helps combine the Blade Battery more closely with the body. The torsional stiffness of the whole vehicle has doubled, exceeding 40500N.m / °.*
  • The ultra-safe Blade Battery is the energy carrier and part of the structure, forming a rigorous car body that can afford serious collision.
  • As a structural part, the battery participates in the force transmission. The safety of the interior structure of the vehicle for the frontal impact is increased by 50%*, and for the side impact is increased by 45%*.

Born EV Platform: e-Platform 3.0

e-Platform 3.0 is the highly integrated platform which is exclusively designed for the next generation of pure electric vehicles, deeply integrated with the Blade Battery, 8-in-1 High Efficiency Electric Powertrain, Wide Temperature Range High Efficiency Heat Pump System and other core technologies.

Ultra Efficiency of BYD Seal

  • e-Platform 3.0 features the world’s first 8-in-1 High Efficiency Electric Powertrain (with motor, motor controller, reducer, onboard charger, DC converter, high-voltage distribution box, vehicle controller, and BMS integrated in 1).
  • The overall efficiency can reach 89%*, the world-leading in the industry.
  • The Wide Temperature Range High Efficiency Heat Pump System increases thermal efficiency by up to 20%* while reducing energy loss, and can work at temperatures from -30°C to 60°C, which has increased the range by up to 20%* in winter.

8-in-1 High Efficiency Electric Powertrain of BYD Seal

Wide Temperature Range High Efficiency Heat Pump System

Ultra Safe of BYD Seal

e-Platform 3.0 is the exclusive body design for pure electric vehicles, which ensures ultra-safety of the vehicle.

Intelligent of BYD Seal

e-Platform 3.0 deeply integrates the drive, braking and steering system.
The independently developed BYD 0S decouples hardware and software, offering an elite collaboration system for high levels of intelligent driving.

Aesthetics of BYD Seal

e-Platform 3.0 gives birth to the vehicle features of shorter overhangs and a longer wheelbase, significantly expanding the passenger space and liberating the vehicle’s aerodynamic design.


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