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64.7 kWh


440 km


313 HP


16.8 kWh / 100 km


%10-80: 29 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • BMW iX comes with a dual motor AWD powertrain which produces 313 horsepower and 494 Nm of torque.
  • It has a 64.7-kWh battery, enough for a 440 km WLTP range figure when fully charged.
  • iX1 xDrive30 pricing starts at €55,000 in Europe. BMW launched this small fully-electric SUV in November 2022.
  • For the first time, BMW will build all powertrain versions of a vehicle at the same production line. The new X1/iX1’s battery-electric, PHEV, MHEV, and ICE variants are built at BMW’s Regensburg plant in Germany.

Innovative flagship, beyond electric

The all-electric BMW iX

*Product configurations shown are for reference only, actual configuration information is based on products available in China


Natural beauty


Comfortable space


Inspired Technology


Diverse Driving Interests

The beauty of nature as it were

Natural aesthetics, sublimation design style. Pure electric BMW iX body using raw stone cutting design, simple atmosphere. The vertically aligned integrated smart front grille and new LED headlights complement each other to create a futuristic front face. There is no redundant body lines flowing, the original stone cutting wheel eyebrow is eye-catching. The droplet tail design is smooth and stylish, interpreting the aerodynamic characteristics. The concept of Shy Tech integrates some modern technology and design, cleverly hidden in all parts of the car, imperceptibly setting off a low-key luxury atmosphere.

To the comfort, condensed pure aesthetics

Simplify the design philosophy, create a modern luxury living room feeling, show simple and extraordinary elegant style. The flowery and colorful glass control is embedded in the FSC certified log panel, bright and vivid. Olive leaf tanned leather upholstery provides a gentle touch of natural comfort. For the first time, the far infrared heating technology is equipped to give faster temperature rise and all-round wrapping sense. Panoramic adjustable canopy can change color shading according to demand, to ensure the shading and privacy in the process of driving. With the suspension center console, together create a comfortable open space.

Multiple driving interest, free to follow the heart

Between dynamic and dynamic, diversified driving fun fully appreciate. A combination of high-strength steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber is used in the all-electric BMW iX body architecture, which effectively reduces the mass of the entire vehicle. BMW electric all-wheel drive system with two powerful motors, fully release the surging electric performance. Grip geometric polygon motion steering wheel, strong control desire with the roar of electronic simulation sound wave, skyrocketing. Pure electric BMW iX has a driving range of up to 665KM (CLTC) on pure electricity and only 17.7kwh of energy consumption per 100km, allowing you to comfortably travel long distances.

* Above driving range is xDrive 50 performance, 100 km energy consumption is xDrive 40 performance.

* Vehicle range data is based on the test results of CLTC comprehensive operating conditions. Actual range will vary depending on driving habits and handling, vehicle configuration, battery life and condition, and environmental and climatic conditions.

To perceive everything with wisdom inspiration science and technology, like a bosom friend.

BMW iDrive, equipped with the 8th generation operating system, takes the driver as the center and can continuously learn and adjust itself to meet the individual needs of drivers and passengers. Its powerful connectivity and data-processing capabilities bring the interaction between drivers and vehicles into an increasingly intelligent digital future. Shy Tech provides you with appropriate company and responds to your driver’s needs in a timely manner.

*BMW will continue to update, upgrade and transform its products. The configuration and parameters of the car products may change accordingly. As a result, the digital products (including hardware, software, operating system, functional services and page design) carried by the same model with different production dates may vary. The specific configuration, product functions and relevant details are subject to the specific models and products displayed and sold by dealers in mainland China.


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