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Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC




80 kWh


462 km


408 HP


20.8 kWh / 100 km


%10-80: 40 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Mercedes EQC is a D-segment electric SUV launched in 2019.
  • It has an all-wheel-drive powertrain that can produce 408 search HP and 760 Nm torque. According to WLTP test cycle, EQC can provide up to 462 kilometers of range.
  • With its 80-kWh battery pack, EQC also supports 110-kW DC fast charging.
  • Mercedes EQC is being produced both in Germany and China.
  • Base model EQC 400 4MATIC priced at around €66,000 and sporty trim EQC AMG Line costs €7,000 more.

Pure sensibility, love at first sight

It is the digital embodiment of classic design, but also the perfect integration of art and function.
It is the pioneer of luxury, but also the future of electric.

Double screen design, fun in pairs.

Floating twin 10.25 inch display -1920*720 ultra high resolution touch screen, right in front of you, at your fingertips.

There are 64 kinds of beauty.

64 color ambient lighting system – Ten theme Settings are built in to add color to your night.

The vanguard is dazzling throughout.

EQ Exclusive Space-time Ring through the light belt – Guardian of the night, walking light show, eye attraction index five stars.

Electric blue. It's your color.

EQ Exclusive 20 “ten spoke light alloy wheels – Just like small white shoes, once laced with electric blue LACES, high profile can also be very natural.

Close the car door and enjoy the world.

The whole car is covered in soundproof glass – creating the perfect space for you to think independently. Always meet you want to quiet heart.

Stop coke, stop noise.

0.29cd Ultra-low drag coefficient – Lower than bullet drag coefficient, resulting in lower wind noise, and beyond imagination energy performance, effectively relieve your range anxiety.

Set out in peace and arrive safely

Mercedes-benz Safety Genes, every detail to protect you.

Multiple protection, hardcore guard.

The three-level battery pack protection – “hedgehog armor, heart protector, iron cloth shirt” both inside and outside repair, to create a solid core guardian.

Can it be stronger? Of course you can.

EQC Independent Subframe – Borrowed from the “cage body mechanism” of racing cars, the front motor and electric control system are tightly wrapped with steel tubes over 3mm thick, adding another lock for your safety.

Protective force MAX

E-NCAP Crash Five-star Rating – Authoritative crash test, EQC in adult occupant protection scores up to 96%, to protect your safety, is the Mercedes brand paranoid for 135 years.

Superior technology, advanced equipment

A number of intelligent technology, with outstanding wisdom of your peers, equipment is not ahead of the line.

Charging without worry, service without worry

Mercedes-benz “Five Star” charging service + strong dealer network escort. Let’s go. We’ve got everything set up for you.

Installing electric stakes is a piece of cake.

Star Butler – to solve the problem of home charging, special person door-to-door survey, coordination, installation of Mercedes-Benz intelligent charging wall box, so that you can realize remote control switch, preset charging time and other multiple enjoyment without leaving the house.

One call, a hundred answers.

Star Accompanying – real-time query of electric piles, MBUX voice search nearby available public charging stations, check the real-time occupancy of electric piles. It can also monitor the charging status in real time through the APP, and complete the payment online. Easy.

Question? No problem!

Star Escort – Emergency charging rescue, 7×24 hours online, provides mobile emergency charging service or electric vehicle road rescue service, can solve the problem is not called.

Special person exclusive, substitute charge management.

Star Assistant – One button power, instant call. As long as you make an appointment 2 hours in advance, there will be concierge to provide you with wor-free charging service, covering the whole country. Whether it is trailer charging or mobile charging, star Assistant service makes your life full of energy anytime and anywhere. One-button power service coverage of the whole country, as long as the star accompanying the charging pile recommended city, can be covered.

It's a lot of shopping, a lot of energy.

EQ charging zone of Xingyi Station, a popular area in the city has opened charging parking service. EQC is full of energy as you stroll around eating. If you have a Mercedes dealership near you, that’s a good place to go.

It's family. That's why we help.

Strong dealer network – throughout the country in major cities, hundreds of EQ new car sales dealers and after-sales service dealers, are your solid backing, you are welcome to go home at any time.

Save the worry, save the money, save the effort, save the money.

6 years or 120,000 kilometers of original factory maintenance package +8 years or 160,000 kilometers of three power warranty period, save unnecessary worry, let energy and financial resources are spent on the knife.

"Three good" + electric car purchase plan

A good: 69,000 yuan subsidy at first

Second good: Down payment from 49,999 yuan

Three good: three years of interest free, the end of the period can buy can be replaced can be extended to buy cars


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