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40 kWh


1102 km


496 HP


26.6 kWh / 100 km


%20-80: 45 minutes

Highlighted Features

  • Aito M5 is an electric SUV with a range extender petrol engine.
  • Huawei and DFSK Seres collaborated together to form a new EV brand called Aito in China.
  • Aito M5 can travel up to 1,102 km when fully charged and its gasoline tank is full.
  • There is a 1.5 liter range extender petrol engine inside the Aito M5.

Ecological aesthetics

Fashion design

Low wind resistance design

Luxury interior

Super queen mirror

Large panoramic canopy

Car super fast charge

Large capacity front storage box


Huawei Dynamic adaptive torque system provides millisecond fast response for more agile torque adjustment. When encountering bumpy road surface, torque adaptive adjustment, effectively reduce the sense of turbulence and impact; When overturning, torque adaptive adjustment and distribution, improve the stability of the bend; Power linear design makes the power fluctuation of the vehicle smaller and reduces the energy consumption of the vehicle.

All aluminium alloy chassis

The all-aluminum alloy chassis of the Mega class, coupled with the front double fork arms and the rear multi-link independent suspension, brings you the most incisive driving experience, the Elk test up to 74 km/h. The second-generation IBOOSTER + ESPhev braking system combines energy recovery with braking and stopping, resulting in faster response and a braking distance of only 35.3 meters.

Library level quiet and comfortable space

Low wind noise body design, four sides of double soundproof glass, integrated ram door structure, with silent tires effectively cut off the noise of the outside and road. LASD liquid damping material reduces body sheet metal vibration. HUAWEI DriveONE oil-cooled motor, self-developed quiet electric drive gear, micron level tuning, acceleration noise reduced 10 dB(A) 10, more quiet and comfortable driving.


Super Desktop 17, mobile app on board

After you log in to Huawei, you can use a variety of mobile applications on the smart screen of your car. Wherever you go, software services will follow you. Open the knowledge service application in the car smart screen and listen to the course while driving; On the smart screen of the car, you can use local life apps to check the nearby food and quickly navigate to the destination.


Double screen collaboration, PC office

When stopping for a rest, the PC and the car can cooperate to play videos or access meetings on the intelligent screen of the car, and record or edit files on the PC at the same time. The two screens work together, which greatly improves the efficiency.


Watch control car 19, lift the wrist to know

Wear a watch, no car keys, no sense to unlock the door; Whether the vehicle is fully charged or charging abnormal, the watch can receive reminders; The watch can also check the remaining battery life at any time, control the window and car lock, support remote open air conditioning, convenient car search 20 and other functions.


Child seat, safety alert

Child seat support car machine near found, one key directly connected. In the car, you can directly view the temperature of the child seat and other states, but also can open the automatic ventilation mode of the seat with one button, the baby ride more comfortable; Through the seat belt buckle detection and ISOFIX interface perception ability, it can realize the active warning of abnormal safety, the safety of the baby is guaranteed, and the parents are more comfortable.

Highly intelligently adjusted HUD

The important driving information, such as speed and navigation, is projected on the windshield in front of the main driving, so that the movement of turning head or lowering head can be reduced to ensure driving safety. It can also intelligently adjust the HUD perspective according to the owner’s eye position, and the details are intimate everywhere.

Nappa leather seats

Premium Nappa leather seats, texture and touch are extraordinary products, the front seat equipped with 24 seat massage and ventilation heating, and 12-way seat electric adjustment; The rear seat is also equipped with seat heating function, and the seat is comfortable and soft, creating a first-class luxury ride experience for every passenger.

AI atmosphere lamp

Door open, light echo, intelligent welcome guests; Voice wake up, light flashing, partition response; Open the door, rear car, lights turn red, intelligent warning.


Unit 19 Acoustic design 25 + 7.1 surround sound field + 1000 W independent power amplifier + shock bass, with rich audio and video resources, bring extraordinary audio and video experience; Unit 4 Private headrest for the main driver, can navigate, talk and listen to music, and do not interfere with passengers.


Passive Safety

The body-in-white26 makes extensive use of high-strength steel27, accounting for more than 60%, of which the use of hot-formed steel27 accounts for 19%, with cage-type safety body + 6 airbags + dual front pre-tensioning and force-limiting seat belts, ensuring excellent passive safety of the entire vehicle.

Health and Safety

It adopts environmentally friendly materials and is equipped with negative ion air purification function, which effectively filters PM 2.5 and pollen, and is designed in accordance with China Automotive Health Index C-AHI 5-star standard, taking care of every passenger’s health with care.


Battery Safety

Each cell adopts diaphragm fireproof coating technology, and the positive electrode is made of thermally stable material; insulating thermal insulation aerogel is added between the cells for protection, together with water-cooling plate for heat dissipation; advanced BMS battery management system, timely warning and protection when thermal runaway signal occurs.

Privacy and security

Navigation and call data switch with the account, more sensitive permissions and application permission alerts, 3D face sensorless authentication, biometric chip-level security, 24/7 protection of your privacy.


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